Roxanne Modafferi defends Ronda Rousey, talks wanting a UFC flyweight division and more

Roxanne Modafferi is someone who knows Ronda Rousey very well. Back in 2013, Rousey was a coach on The Ultimate Fighter along with Miesha Tate. Although Modafferi was on Tate’s team, she seen a lot of Rousey during the show and behind the scenes.

Modafferi is not happy with the “horrible” social media harassment Ronda Rousey has been getting since her latest loss.

Following Rousey’s 48 second TKO loss to Amanda Nunes on December 30th at UFC 207, fans have been poking fun at the former UFC superstar via social media. It doesn’t end with the fans, plenty of fighters have also joined in on the action. Bellator star Michael Page has posted a series of videos poking fun at the former champion, with Amanda Nunes publicly endorsing it.

Modafferi is not happy with the way people are treating the women’s MMA pioneer, she believes Michael Page’s videos are “horrible”. She explains from her own experience a knockout loss is very hard to take and wants people to “chill out”. She says if Rousey is to ever return, it should be with a different coach.

I think people are being so cruel to Ronda. That fighter Michael Page making videos mocking her is so horrible” Modafferi tells WMMA Rankings. “I know that things she has said and done turn people off to her, and it’s okay not to like her. But so many people treat her like she’s done something to personally injure them. I wish people would chill out. As a fellow athlete who has experienced KO losses, it’s really hard to handle. I hope she has a good support group and if she wants to keep fighting, finds a different coach. I have had to leave teams I loved like my family because I knew they weren’t giving me what I needed career-wise. It hurt me so much to move away from Japan, but I did it for that reason. I get it”.

Modafferi is currently signed to Invicta FC and is one of the top ranked flyweight competitors in the world.

Modafferi is a veteran of the sport, having been fighting as a pro for almost 14 years and competing in 32 fights.
However, it’s the past few years which have seen her truly come into her own as a fighter and the improvement with her new coaches have been astonishing. She went from being on a five fight losing streak during her days on The Ultimate Fighter, to now being one of the best 125lb flyweights in the world. She holds wins over the likes of DeAnna Bennett, Andrea Lee, Tara LaRosa and many more. Flyweight is definitely the weight class for her, after finding herself being undersized competing on TUF as a 135lb bantamweight.

Fans were left confused with the recent announcement that the UFC is introducing a 145lb division and not a 125lb division, with the flyweight division having a lot more fighters than the 145lb weight class. Modafferi feels the 145lb weight class has only been created for Cris Cyborg, she’s hopeful the UFC will consider adding a flyweight division at some point as “it’s unfair for those killing themselves to reach 115“.

I think there are more 125lbers than 145 lbers, but it’s obvious 145 was added for Cyborg. It’s unfair for those killing themselves to reach 115, but it’s business. The reason “there aren’t enough people to fill 125” is not correct, nor is “it’ll water down the division.” Some people can fight in both, and the UFC doesn’t seem to have trouble signing some random local girl who I’ve never heard of to fight their already signed fighters. There are women.

Modafferi lost to number 1 flyweight in the world Jennifer Maia via split decision back in September 2016.

Modafferi last competed at Invicta FC 19 back in September 2016 when she challenged the number one flyweight fighter in the world and the Invicta FC flyweight champion, Jennifer Maia. The fight was very close, with the judges ultimately awarding the split decision victory to Maia. Many fans believe Modafferi should have won the decision. She says she is not a believer in instant rematches and is hoping to work her way back to another title shot, she feels Ronda should have done the same.

I don’t believe in immediate rematches. I think they are unfair for everyone else coming up and trying to get a title shot. That being said, I think Ronda should have fought her way back to top, as well. I would like to fight more than twice a year and if I get a title shot, great.

Modafferi has come a long way since her days on TUF, and if her recent performances are anything to go by, she’s only just begun hitting the prime of her career. She is definitely someone MMA fans need to keep an eye on this year.

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