Ronda Rousey reveals she will no longer trash talk opponents “now that I know the women’s division is secure”, talks retirement plans

Ronda Rousey makes her return to the cage at UFC 207 to challenge Amanda Nunes for the women’s bantamweight title on 30 December at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. She reveals she no longer plans to trash talk opponents. The American also says that she will not retire after her bout at UFC 207, but indicated that the end is near in terms of her UFC career. Rousey makes her return over a year after she received her first ever MMA loss, a brutal KO to Holly Holm.
Rousey is not back for very long, she plans to retire within her next few fights.

Rousey is known for her trash talk, and in the past has had a lot to say on opponents including Miesha Tate, Bethe Correia and Holly Holm. This won’t be the case anymore however, speaking on the Conan O’Brien Show on Wednesday (7 December), as quoted by Fox Sports Rousey reveals “well it’s just that don’t really have to. I mean I’ve done a lot of learning in this last year and I’ve learned that the views I get and the money I make really doesn’t mean anything for me or my happiness. Now that I know the women’s division is secure, I don’t have to do that anymore. I choose not to. It’s not something I really get a kick off of like ‘ooh I want to spend 12 hours at ESPN and talk (expletive) all day’. That’s not really what I’d want to do”. She continues “I want to go play World of Warcraft. So this time around I was like I’m not going to do that. I’m going to play World of Warcraft and then go train and then come back and chill out”.

I don’t think after this fight. But definitely soon” Rousey added when asked about the possibility of retiring from MMA following her fight with Nunes at UFC 207.

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  1. She won’t trash talk because last time she did , she ate her words. It suck to be so cock then have to eat everything you said and did. Then off for over a year and contemplate suicide.

  2. May be she has done a self study and realised the mistakes made. It’s easy to criticise others but difficult to apply to yourself and put into practice. “Mistakes are to life what shadows are to light”. It’s great to make use of the mistakes to correct you rather than repeating. Our planet will be a better place to live if we study in and practise the ” mindfulness “

  3. RONDA is the real deal. People can hate her all they want, but what you see is what you get. She has matured. She has evolved & she keeps on evolving in her choosen profession. She created it, it is her legacy. She is WOMENS MMA…and….yes, she will reclaim HER property on DEC 30th 2K17…Amanda Nunes is in DEEP WATER and the GREAT WHITE SHARK aka the Rowdy one will devour her…..BOOK it….. )

  4. I believe Rhonda has matured and is making a new image for a future career in show business. Win or lose she will remain in the spotlight for many years ahead like Mike Tyson.

  5. The bitch is gun shy from the last fight she not only got knocked out but out classed and she knew it by the end of round one .

  6. Nice to know Ronda feels the division is secure now… Good Grief shes so lacking in character…I see it didnt take long shes back to popping off again… This woman is EXACTLY what I do NOT want my daughters or grand daughters to be…shes absolutely classless and has absolutely NO character!!

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