Ronda Rousey reveals why Shayna Baszler has “always been an example” to her

Ronda Rousey has credited Shayna Baszler for being “an example” to her throughout her mixed martial arts and professional wrestling careers.

Rousey has credited Shayna Baszler for being an example to her.

Rousey is currently signed as a full time performer for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and appears on their RAW brand with her first match scheduled for the Wrestlemania 34 event on April 8. Baszler is also a breakout star of the organization as part of their NXT brand.

The former UFC bantamweight champion recently discussed how she first got the urge to become a professional wrestler and ultimately credits Baszler for making her decide to make the move from MMA to pro wrestling.

“It wasn’t until I was fighting in the UFC and Shayna [Baszler] and Jessamyn [Duke] moved in with me and they always put WWE on the TV, it seemed like every single night. We would fight all day in the gym and when we came home we didn’t want to talk about fighting, we wanted to escape through wrestling. It was our sanctuary from the stress of the fighting world and it slowly became more and more where we wanted to be.” Rousey said.

Shayna was the first one of us to take that leap and she’s always been an example to me. She did women’s MMA before me and opened a lot of doors for all of us. If it wasn’t for her making a point of us sitting down and watching wrestling together then I wouldn’t be here either. When she made that jump from fighting from wrestling I saw how much happier that made her and how more applied she was. It was hard not to want to be part of that.” she continued.

Fight fans, will you be tuning in for Rousey’s first professional wrestling match at Wrestlemania 34 on April 8? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Maybe I’ll watch. Shayna had the great misfortune of being ahead of her time, was beaten up by Bethe Correia and yet never to my knowledge contemplated suicide or thought that God hated her. She is indeed a good example for Ronda.

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