Ronda Rousey discusses UFC departure: “I was just looking for an honorable way out”

Ronda Rousey recently opened up about joining the WWE and her departure from MMA during an exclusive chat with ESPN.

Rousey had been eyeing a departure from the UFC even before her losses.

Rousey revealed that she had been eyeing a way out of the UFC for a long time before her losses but stayed with the organization as she feared the women’s division would not be able to survive without her.

There was a while when I was just looking for an honorable way out [of the UFC]. I felt satisfied that I’d proven everything I need to prove, but I didn’t feel anybody else felt that way, and I wasn’t sure if the women’s division could survive without me. I felt obligated to do more than what I actually wanted to. But I also have no regrets, and I’m so happy I fulfilled those obligations. And I really feel the women’s division can hold their own.” Rousey revealed.

The 31-year-old has since made the move to professional wrestling and has signed with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Rousey says she couldn’t be happier with the move.

I could very happily be in some house in the mountains and never see anyone again, hang out with my goats and chickens,” Rousey told ESPN. “It would have to be something as great as the WWE to make me this happy, to pull me away. Otherwise, no one would hear from me. I would live in the woods and be happy. That’s all I really want.

I’m only here to enjoy myself. That’s the only thing that’s never been a priority in my life,” Rousey said. “In judo and MMA, there were times when the process was fun and the results were fun. And there’s a time when things run their course. You fall in love, you fall out of love and you find a new love.

Fight fans, do you think Rousey made the right decision to walk away from MMA? Have you been following her pro-wrestling journey? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. I’m not sure how “honorable” her exit was. Refusing to address her losses, congratulate her victors and leaving fans in the dark about her intentions probably did not endear her to many more new fans, except those of WWE. I sincerely wish she had changed training camps before throwing the towel in, as I still believe she has the potential to be champion once again with the proper training and mindset. Unfortunately, for now, the latter doesn’t seem to be there.

    1. well said Juchi. The backlash against ronda was real. we didn’t hate her when she came on the scene, we loved her, and put money down to watch. It’s the bratty, cunty, arrogant behavior, and especially the dishonorable behavior. MMA fans experience a fight not just before the fight, but in the entertaining weeks leading up to it , as well as the period after the fight. it’s a one to one sport so, did the victor act c lassy? did the loser congratulate and act with humility and honor? a loss handled well is as good or better than a well handled win. Ronda let us all down.

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