RIZIN FF weigh-in results: Gabi Garcia misses weight by 27lbs, RIZIN president considers cancelling fight against Kandori

“RIZIN World Grand Prix 2017: 2nd Round” takes place December 29 from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

Garcia misses weight for openweight fight against 53-year-old Kandori

One of the featured bouts of the event is a women’s openweight showdown between number-one ranked heavyweight, Gabi Garcia, and 53-year-old Shinobu Kandori.

Ahead of the event, both women have hit the scales. Take a look at the official weigh-in results below:

Gabi Garcia (236.94 lbs) vs. Shinobu Kandori (162.25 lbs)

After hearing about Garcia’s failure to make the 209-pound limit, Kandori screamed at her before storming off the stage. Rizin president Nobuyuki Sakakibara spoke about possibly cancelling the contest, but no official announcement has been made as of yet.

“RIZIN Fighting World Grand Prix 2017: 2nd Round” takes place this Friday December 29 from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The event will be aired live on pay-per-view via FITE TV at 1am EST (early morning of Friday).



    1. Exactly! I hope we don’t witness a new low by them allowing it to still go on. Gabi has learned well from her mentor, Cyborg. Back in Strikeforce, Hitomi Akano, a former flyweight that moved to 135, asked Cyborg to meet her at a catchweight of 140. Cyborg refused and insisted that she move up to 145 to which Hitomi reluctantly agreed. Cyborg proceeded to come in more than 5 pounds overweight and refused to try to lose any further despite being given the opportunity.

      Gabi has managed to minimize such a display of unprofessionalism by coming in a whopping 27 pounds overweight, an action that is hard to fathom and shows she has no respect for her opponent, the organization, her fans and the sport. At the very least, she should be fined Shinobu’s earnings which should be paid to Shinobu for showing up and then suspended.

      1. Rizin FF should have never put this debacle together in the first place, so Rizin FF deserves this and I don’t feel a bit sorry for Rizin FF. Rizin FF wanted a debacle to laugh at and to treat these two ladies as jokes, well, Gabi Garcia did a big FU to Rizin FF and beat them to the punch line. I hope this fight goes on as planned and I hope Gabi Garcia puts a beat down on Shinobu Kandori and cause the decision makers of Rizin FF to be put under a public microscope about their match making and their concern about the competitive safety of their fighters.

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