RIZIN FF heavyweight Lei’D Tapa stuns in sexy photo shoot teasers, take a look

Heavyweight contender Lei’D Tapa recently took part in a photo shoot which has certainly got the fans excited. The RIZIN FF star has released several behind-the-scenes snaps, as well as a video, for the public. (Scroll down to take a look at them).

Tapa (0-2 Pro) is a professional wrestler turned mixed martial artist who has recently been doing work for the WWE. She made her professional MMA debut back in December 2015 when she took part in the first ever mainstream women’s heavyweight fight, losing out to Gabi Garcia by way of a first round TKO. To date she has been Garcia’s toughest opponent and even managed to knock the Brazilian down in the first round. She returned to action last month, losing a decision to the number-one welterweight fighter in the world, King Reina. The fight was a back-and-forth war with Tapa stunning Reina on several occasions with her superior striking skills. She is the number-eight ranked female heavyweight fighter in the world.

Click HERE to view the WMMA heavyweight world rankings.

Take a look at Tapa’s teasers from the recent photo shoot below:


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