RIZIN 12 Recap: Kaitlin Young hands King Reina her second MMA loss, Angela Magana is submitted in first post-UFC fight

Sunday at the RIZIN 12 event, Kaitlin Young and Kanako Murata both earned impressive victories in high-profile match-ups.

Kaitlin Young earns unanimous decision win over King Reina.

In a 117-pound contest, former UFC strawweight Angela Magana made an unsuccessful promotional debut, finding herself victim of a second-round Von Flue Choke at the hands of Kanako Murata.

The victory for Murata means she improves her record to 8-1. Meanwhile, Magana drops to 11-10 and is now on a six-fight losing streak in professional MMA competition.

Elsewhere, King Reina was unsuccessful in her second fight at featherweight, losing a unanimous decision to Invicta FC veteran Kaitlin Young.

Young improves her record to 8-9-1 and is successful in her first MMA fight since 2014, rebounding from a tough four-fight losing skid. Reina drops to 8-2 and is now 2-2 in her last four fights following a split decision loss to Cindy Dandois last December.

WMMA World Rankings

RIZIN 12 took place this past Sunday August 12 from theĀ Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium in Nagoya, Japan. The entire event was aired live on pay-per-view via FITE TV.



  1. Poor King Reina Miura, she and her handlers stack her record with a bunch of 0-0 and 0-1, and 1-0 fighters so she can get wins in order to hype her up, but outside of fighting Bantamweight Shayna Baszler, who was on a 3 fight losing streak, King Reina has lost to the two opponents, who have more than one professional MMA fight on their resume. Here’s a thought HOW about letting her face fighters that are 3-0, and 4-2, and 6-3, and 7-1, so she can actually take the steps to get better. And if she can cut it, then so be it. Competing in sports isn’t about running from competition. Great job Kaitlin Young

    1. You seem to follow the higher weights closer than I do. What’s become of undefeated lightweight, Bobbi Jo Dalzie? She’s the only fighter to date to have beaten Jozette Cotton. It’s been nearly two years since she last fought and I heard that earlier this year she was in talks with Deep Jewels, but nothing since.

      1. On a separate note, King Reina has no business fighting at 145+. A good weight trainer and some self discipline should get her down to 125 w/her build w/o much problem. Of course, she might find the competition a little tougher at 125 than 145. Although for the most part her opponents records have been exceedingly weak, in her defense, she did give Cindy Dandois a run for her money. I even figured she had won it, especially since it was being fought on her home turf.

  2. Unbelievable that Angela Magana was once11-3 as a MMA fighter. She needs to change training camps or diversify her training camps, see a sports, psychologist, or give up MMA. Because what she has been doing during her current seven fight losing streak is definitely not working for her benefit. She has the bravado and the heat, but she needs to change something.

    1. she is a WMMA 1.0 fighter. basically a bum. she hasn’t won a fight in 7 years. she’s a head case of the highest order to boot. needs to find another career. this isn’t for her.

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