Raquel Pennington not impressed with Amanda Nunes or Valentina Shevchenko

Ariel Helwani welcomed fan favorite bantamweight contender Raquel Pennington (9-5) to The MMA Hour on Monday to discuss her thoughts on UFC 215’s main event, her recent absence, and what’s next. Check out Rocky’s comments below! 

I don’t feel like either one of them went out their and did anything. The highlights made the fight look a lot more exciting than what it really was.

“It was a close fight and everything but I would probably have to give it to Amanda. It went the way it’s supposed to go I guess…” Rocky told Helwani on UFC 215’s bantamweight championship main event. “I was just kind of watching the competition because I do believe I’m number one contender now.” She added, “I wasn’t impressed with either one of them”.

“Why have you been out for so long?,” an eager Helwani asked Pennington, who last fought in November at UFC 205. “I had to have three major surgeries after I fought Miesha– I had my shoulder completely redone, my right shoulder, I had to have wrist surgery, and I had mouth surgery,” Rocky explained. Pennington cemented her status as a top contender by defeating the former champion, Miesha Tate. Pennington’s victory over Tate marked her fourth straight win.

After discussing Pennington’s recent absence, Helwani took a moment to analyze the official UFC bantamweight rankings and determine Rocky’s place. Helwani explained, “Valentina fought Amanda for the second time. Holly Holm is in talks to fight Cris Cyborg. Then there’s Juliana Pena who is coming off a loss and hasn’t fought since January. I don’t know why Ronda Rousey is still in the rankings. And then it’s you. You’re the one.” He proceeded to ask Rocky if the UFC has discussed a title shot for her. “It’s definitely been in the talks. I think it’s a long time coming,” she said.

As for what’s next– Rocky’s “ready to rock and roll.” “I was definitely looking for– I kind of talked with the matchmakers and Dana– about possibly in December. That was my time frame I was happy about.” “We’ll just kind of see what happens.”

Check out Rocky’s full segment on The MMA Hour below! More topics she speaks about include details on her surgeries, her current training, the turning point in her career and more.




Source: MMA Fighting, The MMA Hour

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