Priscila Cachoeira’s mother: “There was a time that I thought I was going to lose my daughter, I tried everything to get her clean”

Priscila Cachoeira recently opened up in detail about the sexual abuse and crack addiction she suffered before finding MMA.

Undefeated Cachoeira is looking to pull of the upset at UFC Fight Night 125.

During a recent chat with Bleacher Report, Cachoeira’s mother, Rosimeri, discussed how difficult it was to see her daughter go through what she had to.

I almost lost my mind,” Rosimeri told Bleacher Report. “During the time when Priscila was doing drugs, I tried everything to get her clean. I tried psychologists for her, psychologists for myself, I read books, I tried to take her to meetings. I was trying to understand how I could fix her, how I could help her.”

Rosimeri says at times she can’t believe that her daughter is now 100% clean and about to compete for the biggest MMA organization in the world.

No mother likes to see her daughter getting beat up, but the emotions of seeing Priscila doing what she loves and becoming a professional at it are indescribable,” Rosimeri says. “There was a time that I thought I was going to lose my daughter. Now, she’s here, about to fight in the top organization in the world. Sometimes I feel like pinching myself.

Click HERE to read the full detailed story on Cachoeira’s drug addiction.

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UFC Fight Night 125 takes place this Saturday February 3 from the Mangueirinho Gymnasium in Belem, Para, Brazil. The main card featuring Shevchenko vs. Cachoeira will be aired live on FS1 from 10pm EST.


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