Priscila Cachoeira awarded 50k Performance of the Night bonus for 40-second knockout win at UFC Auckland

Priscila Cachoeira has been awarded the $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus for her 40-second knockout win over Shana Dobson at Saturday’s UFC on ESPN+ 26 event.

Cachoeira picked up the first win of her UFC career at Saturday night’s event in Auckland.

Cachoeira (9-3-0) stunned fans at Saturday night’s UFC event in Auckland, landing a vicious uppercut early in the first-round to knock out Dobson. The victory marks the first of the 31-year-old’s UFC career.

Cachoeira, along with Jim Crute, were awarded the 50k Performance of the Night bonuses.

UFC on ESPN+ 26 took place on Saturday February 22, 2020, from the Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand. The preliminary card featuring Cachoeira vs. Dobson was aired live on ESPN+ from 4pm EST.



  1. good for her – a rough life, read this wikipedia.

    “Cachoeira had a troubled childhood growing up. She played volleyball for Fluminense, but was stabbed in the back and removed from the team. In her youth Cachoeira’s father refused to admit that she was his daughter, her brother-in-law sexually molested her, and she discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her. In her 20s Cachoeira became addicted to crack cocaine, and would spend many years of her life as an addict before her mother finally managed to help her leave her addiction and turn to mixed martial arts. Cachoeira has a son born in 2013. She was in a relationship with another woman until 2018, when they split up because her partner was spending all her money.”

    that’s a lot of awful things! let’s hope that the win and bonus for her doesn’t attract losers and users who just want to take it from her

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