PFL officially adds women’s 155-pound lightweight division, set to host tournament in 2019 featuring Kayla Harrison

Professional Fighters League has announced they will host their first female tournament in 2019 featuring female 155-pound lightweight competitors.

Will Kayla Harrison win the inaugural PFL women’s lightweight tournament?

The only announced competitor for the tournament as of yet is one of the organization’s top stars, Kayla Harrison. The Olympic Gold Medallist is 2-0 since making her professional debut with the promotion earlier this year. In June, Harrison submitted Brittney Elkin in the very first round, she followed up in August with a third-round TKO win over Jozette Cotton.

A PFL official commented on the upcoming tournament during a chat with MMAJunkie.

We’re super excited to continue working with Kayla,” Silva said. “We’re going to go ahead and add a seventh weight division to our format. It’s going to operate the same as the men’s divisions have in 2018. We thought it was a smart weight for some of these women to compete at.”

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Fight fans, are you excited to see Professional Fighters League host their inaugural female tournament? Who do you think will take the 155-pound female lightweight crown? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Sarah Patterson and Bobbi Jo Dalziel, and you other ladies out there, better go talk to your management teams to get that. Professional Fighters League contract so you ladies can make some decent money. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this Lightweight Tournament.

    1. I hope Bobbi Jo hasn’t retired as she hasn’t fought for almost 2 years. Besides Kayla, she shows the most promise at LW and both she is one of only two to have beaten Jozette. Not so excited about Sarah, who lost to Jozette, who was man-handled by Kayla.

      As I have stated elsewhere, they should make the division an open division. I think Kayla could give anyone at the higher weight classes a run for their money including Gabi. In fact, Gabi is probably the only one besides Bobbi Jo that could give Kayla a run for her money. With just a few exceptions, the divisions above 145 are astonishingly devoid of top level competition.

  2. Do you ever post a original statement? All you seem to do is wait to reply to anyone else’s statement. Like you have no original thought. It’s so pathetic.

    1. Whoa! What prompted that? If you go through past WMMA postings you’ll see I post numerous “original statements.” Not sure what your issue is. I liked one of your suggestions, thought the other was meh and offered what I thought was a better alternative to the PFL’s LW division. You can simply disagree; ideally specify why, and we can have civilized discourse on the subject. Or you can resort to name calling to anyone that doesn’t totally agree with you. Obviously, you prefer the latter. Now that’s what I call pathetic.

    2. Hi Randi, it appears that the reply below is directed to you but it’s meant to be to Rodney. Has Randi fought since 2012? I would have thought she’s long retired.

    1. Randi is training and looking to fight. I am her coach. No she hasn’t fought since then. Back in the gym for a while now and looking savage:) put her in this tournament!

  3. They should put Dandois, king Reina, Patterson, and Gabby García in that mix! I dont know if Gabby would be able to pass USADA in the US. But that would be cool!

    1. I think your first 3 would be pretty one sided in Kayla’s favor. Gabi would be interesting but PFL would need to make it an open division not a 155# division. Hope they do so or it’ll be the equivalent of Cyborg at 145, but then again, maybe that’s what the PFL and Kayla want.

    1. You had me going there for a minute, Jethro. An American female fighter with a 10-3 record that I had not heard about? But upon looking her up, I now know why. She last fought in 2011 and is in her 40’s now. She must have been one of the pioneers of WMMA.

      1. She is one of the pioneers indeed, and unfortunately has had very few opportunities to fight at her natural weight (155 to 165) throughout her career, due to lack of opponents. I read on her Instagram profile that now she wants to come back from retirement and fight at 155. It would be a fantastic opportunity for her to finally fight without huge weight cuts. And yes, she is in her 40’s, but so are also Charmaine Tweet and Marion Reneau, and they still fight!

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