PFL 6 results: Kayla Harrison improves to 2-0, defeats Jozette Cotton via third-round TKO

Thursday night at the Professional Fighters League 6 event, Kayla Harrison defeated Jozette Cotton via third-round TKO following some heavy ground-and-pound.

Kayla Harrison earns third-round TKO win over Jozette Cotton.

Harrison improves to 2-0, picking up a huge win in just her second professional fight against the number-one women’s lightweight fighter in the world, Jozette Cotton. The 28-year-old also becomes the first person in history to finish “The #1 Headbusta”. The Olympian was receiving a huge amount of hype even prior to her successful professional debut against Brittney Elkin this past June, thanks to her successful Judo career which saw her win the 2010 World Championships, gold medals at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, and gold at the 2011 and 2015 Pan American Games. Many are tipping Harrison for superstardom, much like fellow Olympic Medalist and former training partner, Ronda Rousey. It seems as though Harrison is living up to the hype, and makes her mark as queen of the women’s lightweight division in just her second fight.

Cotton drops to 8-2 and sees an end to her two-fight win streak in which she successfully captured the Dynasty Combat Sports lightweight title last September, and then went on to knock out Jennifer Norris in December.

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PFL 6 took place on Thursday August 16 from the Ocean Resort Casino Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States. The main card featuring Harrison vs. Cotton was aired live on NBC Sports from 10pm EST.



  1. I understand the outcome was already decided on who was going to win that fight, but that stoppage was total BS. Those punches Kayla Harrison was throwing were coming nowhere near close to landing because Jozette Cotton was intelligently moving her head, actively, from side to side and the referee stop it. Geez, if the goal is to Kayla Harrison some inflated record with stoppages, then I guess that is a very lame way to accomplish that goal. Anyway, Jozette Cotton showed very poor takedown defense like she did against Sarah Patterson. Kayla Harrison pretty much fought like the Julia Budd blueprint, and that is be a “BULLY FIGHTER”. Since takedown defense seems to be so poor right now in Women’s MMA, I have no idea what to think of Kayla Harrison’s victory over Jozette Cotton. It’s a victory for her that’s for sure. I hope the Professional Fighters League bring in more women MMA fighters like Sarah Patterson and Pam Sorenson and Cindy Dandois and Bobbi Jo Dalziel and a whole bunch more.

    1. I thought it was a bit of an early stoppage at first as well but on the slow mo replay, Kayla was connecting with more strikes than I initially thought she was and Jozette’s face was getting busted up. I’ve seen a lot worse, but the outcome was pretty clear.

      I don’t see anyone giving Kayla any issues at 155 other than possibly Bobby Jo Dalziel and Bobby Jo’s so susceptible to the takedown, unless she KO’s Kayla first, she’s a goner. Kayla’s still a ways from taking on Cyborg, but she’s coming along a lot faster than I had imagined she would.

  2. Enjoyable Fight.
    Kayla’s Olympian strength, speed, movement really showed.
    She is an elite level athlete, and learns quickly [ looking at how fast she has picked up striking and head movement]

    With that in mind, Jozette actually performed very well [ less than a one month camp, and being probably just a slightly stronger than average woman. ]
    Jozette’s ground escapes from an Olympian’s grip, were very impressive. As was the head movement on the ground, Ive never seen that before [I going to practise that for self defence -as the puncher would break the fist on the concrete]

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