August 12, 2020

Paige VanZant reveals rumors are true, confirms she recently had breast implants

UFC flyweight Paige VanZant has confirmed that she recently got breast implants.

The rumors are true! Paige VanZant recently had breast implants.

VanZant (7-4) posted a photo to her Instagram page last week which prompted many fans to speculate whether or not she had something done. The 24-year-old confirmed earlier today during a chat with TMZ that the speculation is correct.

Yep, I did get a boob job.” she said. “I’m a girl and always wanted my own boobs. They never came so I bought them.

Also known as “12 Gauge”, VanZant is one of the most popular fighters on the entire UFC roster. She’s defeated the likes of Felice Herrig, Bec Rawlings and Kailin Curran. In 2016 she appeared on Dancing With The Stars, winning over viewers hearts and coming in at a respectable second-place.

Take a look at the controversial Instagram photo which prompted the breast implants speculation below:


7 thoughts on “Paige VanZant reveals rumors are true, confirms she recently had breast implants

  1. How will this effect her career? Remember Pearl Gonzalez was barred from fighting at one time when it was determined that her implants, and the possibility of one bursting during a fight posed a health hazard.

    1. Because they look weird. Boobs aren’t round on top. They also feel like some sort of rubber manikin. I can understand her getting them, she’s not a UFC caliber fighter, but if she’s pulling in the money for PPV’s then the UFC will keep her. The UFC is a joke, and money promotion and NOT about the best fighters and true competition of the best. Talk about messed up and unhealthy. Why would any woman (or man) cut their body open and insert bags of water to make bumps – to an end result that looks and feels unnatural? Ladies, you are all perfect the way you are – accept yourself as you are, and not what you think men want you to be. They don’t even move – argh….. total turn off.

  2. Hear, hear, David Jenson. Plenty of men like small breasts, plenty of men like medium sized, and plenty like large- why do women think they should change their bodies (unnaturally) to attract men? Do these women even know you can DIE when under anaesthetic? Now Paige is living a lie, pretending her body is something that it isn’t. Fake breasts are hideous, they don’t move normally, they don’t feel natural, because they aren’t natural.

    1. Clearly youve never felt good fakies my man. If you had you would know now a days they feel better than natural and move better. stay perfect forever. #hater #dorkwhoseneverfucked #pussy #learn #getsome

    2. So if u have a Half inch penis and was dealt a life of being bullied n were laughed at…you would have surgery for self esteem and help your career as a underwear model?

      Sure u speaking for woman means sense

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