August 5, 2020

Paige VanZant reveals arm is still broken, plans to return in six months

UFC flyweight Paige VanZant has revealed that her arm is still broken and expects her next MMA fight to take place in six months.

VanZant expects to return to the cage in six months.

VanZant (7-4) suffered the injury at the UFC Fight Night 124 event this past January after landing a spinning backfist on Jessica-Rose Clark. The 23-year-old gave an update during a recent chat with TMZ, promising fans she’ll be “knocking people out” upon her return to the cage.

“I have a plate and seven screws in there – it’s still broken,” VanZant said. “Three months until I’m back punching with my right hand. Six months – I know I’ll have a fight in six months, and that’s guaranteed. I’m working with the UFC. I’m keeping myself in amazing shape, so all it is is working on my right.

I’m really excited to get back in there. I’m staying in good shape, and I’m going to be knocking people out. I feel like I’m still in that title contention spot in the 125 division. I know everybody calls me out, so we’ll just pick somebody from the list and take ’em out.”

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Fight fans, are you excited for VanZant’s return to the cage? Who would you like to see her face? Let us know in the comments section below.


2 thoughts on “Paige VanZant reveals arm is still broken, plans to return in six months

  1. her mouth is writing check her body can’t cash. she is very intersting, and good for the company, but she is floundering. Broke her arm on a girl’s dome…that could be her body telling her it’s not strong enough to do this ? i love paige, but breaking your own arm, not good.

  2. Paige is cute, gutsy and an entertaining slightly above average fighter. She’s lots of fun, but like Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson, she’s unlikely ever to be one of the greats. But that’s OK – greatness made Ronda and Joanna obnoxious. Humility is the first thing to go.

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