Paige VanZant explains move to flyweight, details ‘passing out’ making 115

Today, on the MMA Hour with Ariel Hewlani, “12 Gauge” Paige VanZant explained her decision to move to the flyweight division, detailing just how tough it has been for her to make 115.

When Paige VanZant vs Jessica Eye was announced for UFC 216 in October, many were surprised. Eye had explained her desire to return to the flyweight division but not many expected VanZant to move up in weight.

“I kind of put my foot down on this one. It was time for me to move up,” VanZant told Hewlani. Image result for paige vanzant weight cut

Following up on comments reported by WMMA Rankings last week, Paige says she walks around 137 pounds. “It’s a big cut for me. I’m a lot heavier than people realize,” said VanZant. She further explained, “In my last, I want to say two or three fights, I’ve passed out in my bathroom. This last one, I passed out and had the doctors almost not cleared me for the fight.”

“My parents have never seen me cut weight, but they watched this one and told me if I ever did that again they were gonna disown me. They thought, I’m killing myself for this and it’s not worth it. It’s not worth hurting myself physically for a sport.”

VanZant, like many others, was extremely excited when the 125-pound division was officially announced.  “I’m moving up. I’m a big advocate for body positivity and I was putting myself through an eating disorder to make weight. And it became not fun for me anymore. I hate cutting. I hated the process. Obviously, passing out on your bathroom floor is not fun, because you’re dying in a bathtub.”

As far as how PVZ sees herself faring in her new division– “I think the world will see that I’m so much better at 125. I’m gonna be healthier, I’m gonna be stronger, I’m gonna be faster. I can’t wait to show that off.”

Source: MMA Fighting, The MMA Hour with Ariel Hewlani

How do you think PVZ will do in the flyweight division?


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