Paige VanZant breaks her silence on viral sexy Reebok advert controversy

UFC star Paige VanZant was shocked by the reaction that her provocative Instagram video promoting Reebok received from the MMA community.

Actually, I haven’t seen anything that people responded, so I post things and just kinda forget about it,” VanZant told MMAfighting. “Definitely it was funny. I never anticipated that kind of reaction, so I had no idea. My manager, my mom, somebody told me about it. But, no, I just thought it was funny.”

The 23-year-old Dancing With The Stars runner-up says she did not intend for the video to be viewed negatively. The strawweight contender says she thought it was her “being funny”.

I pretty much kind of do whatever I want,” VanZant said. “It was me being funny, I thought.

VanZant revealed that her mother actually deleted the video due to the reaction the video received online.

No, I didn’t even delete it,” VanZant said. “Somebody else, I don’t know how. I think my mom deleted it, so it’s my mom being a mom.”

Take a look at the video below:


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