Oops, She Did It Again: Kay Hansen Finishes All Her Fights

19 year old Kay Hansen is set to make her fourth appearance in the Invicta arena this Friday November 16th, and if you don’t know who Kay Hansen is yet, its time to tattoo her name onto your brain, because this young lady is a star waiting to explode.

Hansen has been making an impact at Invicta FC.

Before Kay took on her last opponent, Helen Peralta, Peralta was quoted in an article for Bloody Elbow as saying “I won’t bother getting in Kay’s head because there’s nothing in there.”  After the fight we asked Kay to respond and, ever-obliging she said “I could tell [Peralta] respected me but her game is slightly trash talking her opponents. It seemed that she was trying to reach for something and that’s what she came up with. I honestly don’t know if she actually believed that, but either way I thought the outcome of the fight proved a lot of people wrong.”  

Kay silenced any critics she might’ve had by putting a stop to the fight in the third round with a TKO.  In fact, she has yet to fight a full fifteen minutes. At just eighteen-years-old, Hansen became the youngest fighter in Invicta history to get a first round submission in her debut fight against Emilee Prince when she forced a tap out with an excruciating arm bar just one minute and fifteen seconds into the first round.  

Hansen’s sole loss was one that was completely out of her control as she suffered a cut above her right eye in the second round against Kal Schwartz.  Though it was a small cut, the amount of blood that flowed from it caused a medical stoppage. But it did not stop Hansen. She fought again just four months later, gaining a TKO over Gabby Romero in California Cage Wars 7.

With so much success in the strawweight division we were curious as to why she decided to make the move to flyweight.  She said “Because I’m a fighter and I want to fight the best. I am a natural strawweight but I have fought, and will continue to fight, at flyweight as well.”  It could also be because she wants to beef up with her newly acquired sponsor, Victory Beef. Of the sponsorship she was eager to say, “Victory Beef is awesome.  It’s beef with amazing quality that I trust. It’s important to trust what you are putting in your body, especially with a fight coming up. They’ve been amazing and I look forward to continuing to work with them.”

After beating Peralta, Hansen called out Erin Blanchfield.  Blanchfield was originally scheduled to fight Luanna Alzugir for Invicta FC 32, but Alzugir pulled out and Hansen got her wish.  Blanchfield is undefeated at 2-0 and showcased her ability to adapt in her last fight against Brittany Cloudy. Though she was rocked by Cloudy in the first round, Blanchfield pulled herself together and came off with a win, thanks mostly to her ability to string moves together, a skill acquired from her formidable Jiu-Jitsu background. “Kay has a very wrestling style, I feel like my striking and Jitsu are much better,” Blanchfield said in a recent article with My MMA News, “but I have no problem going to the ground with her.” 

Both of these young guns will be hungry for a finish Friday night, so this bout will be as brutal as they come.  To read our previous interview with Kay Hansen click here. And to read the My MMA News article about Erin Blanchfield, click here.


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