Nina Ansaroff brands “American citizen” Cris Cyborg “stupid” for calling Amanda Nunes a traitor to Brazil

Nina Ansaroff has hit out at Cris Cyborg after her fiancee, Amanda Nunes, was accused of being a traitor to Brazil due to the fact she trains at the American Top Team.

Ansaroff brands Cris Cyborg “stupid” for calling Nunes a traitor.

Cyborg (20-1, 1 NC) believes Nunes is a traitor to Brazil as the American Top Team is also home to Colby Colvington, a man who has constantly been disrespectful to Brazilians on multiple occasions.

Ansaroff (9-5) jumped to the defense of Nunes during a recent chat with Combate.

You can’t call a person a traitor because they train in the United States. She (Cyborg) is an American citizen, she’s been living in America for longer than Amanda, her boyfriend is American, I’m American. What’s the difference? Before the UFC was in Brazil, they all fought among themselves, just like in America. Then it became an international sport.” Ansaroff said.

I don’t know who put that in her head. Or how she cheered for Tecia Torres, a friend of ours, when she fought Jessica Andrade. I don’t see how that makes any sense. There are other ways to promote a fight. They’re two great athletes, Brazilian champions. Cyborg is being stupid.” she continued.

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