Nicco Montano hospitalized, UFC 228 title fight in jeopardy

Per multiple sources on site, the UFC women’s flyweight champion has been transported to a local hospital.

Details about the condition of Montano are sparse at the moment.

Valentina Shevchenko will still weigh-in, though it is unclear if she will remain on the card.

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. What a shame. Grrr my sport of wmma! always injuring. I knew her injuries would be a factor. Nicco has a fragile body while Valentina has a sturdy iron dancer – killer body. THose Russians are made of strong stuff.

    1. Yes I was calling for Blond Fighter to step in! She was preparing and had called this happening too. Apparently the weight was the issue there though

      1. I had serious doubts about this fight ever happening in the first place, especially when Nicco stated that her foot issues could come up at any time, and I was clamoring for the UFC to set up an alternative for an interim title fight in case Nicco couldn’t show. IMO, the UFC is largely to blame for this whole fiasco at 125. They should have never had the FW champion determined by the winner of TUF when the top fighters at 125 were already in the UFC. A tournament among the latter with the winner facing the winner of TUF would have provided a much more accepted champ. Now Nicco postpones the fight twice due to injuries/illness and the day before the fight pulls out due to weight mismanagement. and the UFC has no back-up plan except to strip Nicco of her title and plan for another title fight at a later date. Such gross incompetence is amazing. Someone at the UFC should be booted as well.

        As far as who the next contender should be, there are strong arguments for Katlyn, but I think Liz’s recent defeat of Maia, a previous defeat of Katlyn, and a much earlier defeat of Valentina should put her in the driver’s seat.

      2. I’m amazed at the number of tweets calling for a JJ vs. Shevchenko fight. JJ is not even the champion at 115, and they want her take on a fighter that defeated a much bigger Holm who was not only the champ at 135, defeating the previously undefeated Rousey, but who was a boxing champion at 154 and gave Cris Cyborg her toughest fight since her debut loss. A fighter that submitted Pena, noted for her grappling, and was barely edged out by Nunes, who is generally recognized as the #2 P4P in WMMA? Curious.

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