Nicco Montano believes Shevchenko was hoping for UFC 228 fight cancellation: “She wanted more ammo to be a cyber bully”

Nicco Montano believes Valentina Shevchenko wanted the flyweight title bout at UFC 228 to be cancelled in order to avoid the fight and be a “cyber bully”.

Montano believes Valentina Shevchenko was hoping for UFC 228 fight cancellation.

Montano (4-2) was scheduled to make the first defense of her UFC flyweight title at the UFC 228 pay-per-view event earlier this month but was forced to withdraw due to health precautions. The belt was stripped from Montano following her withdrawal and Shevchenko has expressed her displeasure with Montano on both social media and in press interviews, accusing her of deliberately trying to avoid the fight.

The TUF 26 winner feels as though Shevchenko is in fact the one who was hoping the fight wouldn’t happen and let her feelings be known during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour.

I think she lives in la-la land for a reason,” Montaño said. “I think she really wanted that to happen. Unless she’s another Miss Cleo and she could have another side job and she’s good at that. But I think she was hoping for it, I think she’s a little scared to fight somebody like me. I think deep down she was really hoping for it, hoping this fight wouldn’t happen, so she could have more ammo to be a cyber bully and she wouldn’t have to face me in the Octagon.”

I don’t know where she’s coming up with that I backed out, because I was scared,” Montaño said.

The 29-year-old says she still wants to fight for the UFC in the hopes of one day getting that fight against Shevchenko.

Am I gonna want to stay in the UFC?” Montaño said. “I kind of want to stay in the UFC just to fight Valentina eventually. But just like with anything else, what else is the motivation? What else is the motivator?

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  1. Ugh. This again. 😤

    Nicco, it doesn’t matter one way or the other what Valentina wanted — you effed this up all on your lonesome. And if you ever release whatever this ‘documentary’ was, it’s only gonna be worse for you/your brand. Culpability rests solely at your feet.

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