August 7, 2020

Nicco Montano says Ariel Helwani is “using biased propaganda”, unhappy with him and Valentina Shevchenko “teaming up”

UFC flyweight champion Nicco Montano has provided fans with an update on her ongoing injures and health issues, as well as clarifying about her recent comments on MMA journalist Ariel Helwani.

Montano believes Helwani and Shevchenko have been “teaming up” against her.

Montano (4-2) lashed out at Helwani earlier this week, branding him a “waste of space”, amongst many other derogatory phrases. The 29-year-old has since taken to her Instagram page to provide fans with an update.

Today will make day 8 since I got my surgery and I’ve been cooped up in my place pretty stiffly, not being able to talk or move my neck or move at all really do to the pain and discomfort. It’s been getting better day by day, and all I’ve been able to do is contemplate really so in a way it continues to be a very appreciative experience. And I can definitely say that I can sympathize or that I at least have an idea about anybody with any temporary or permanent handicap, whether it’s physical or emotional.” Montano said.

The TUF 26 winner apologizes for the names she called Helwani earlier this week, however she still believes the journalist is incorrectly doing his job and using “biased propaganda instead of the truth”.

On that note I will say that I’m sorry for the names I called Ariel, I was speaking in the heat of the moment, but at the time I felt what he and Valentina teamed up to do (because that was his source) was uncalled for. I had already stated my current situation a month ago and said my goal was to get healthy so I can come back and fight Valentina, so there was no question in my mind that she’s going to be my next opponent, but they were kicking me while i was down and I felt like I was backed into a corner and needed to defend myself. It was a purely instinctual move and I shouldn’t have taken it that far but that’s where it went. I won’t however be shamed into silence about how I think he handled his job. I’ve done nothing but be honest with all of you via my social media accounts (except for Twitter because I forgot my password and login info) and he wasn’t able to conclude from that what’s been going on with me? He‘s obviously doing his job but he’s using biased propaganda instead of the truth and that’s what truly irritated me.” she said.

Anyway I’ve decided to put this all behind me because of the people I want to continue to inspire. l want them to say confidently that they would like to follow in my footsteps. We’re part of a way bigger movement here people and I feel like being a champion, being a leader, I need to be even more mindful than most about what messages I’m sending across. I know that the change has to start with our leaders, with our champions, with people who take the initiative to stand up for themselves and others and utilize their free speech and courage. Through my process of obtaining my role I’ve experienced so much bullying and irrationality that it would be easy for me to just give up. But l’m choosing to stand
strong. I can either choose to believe what other people say or I can believe in myself and I choose the latter, as can you. There’s only one persons’ opinion who should matter to you most and that’s your own.” she continued.

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