MUST READ! Holly Holm on Cyborg: “I can take her out of her element”

Since capturing the UFC featherweight championship at UFC 214 in Anaheim, California, Cristiane Justino (18-1, 1 NC) has actively campaigned for a fight with former bantamweight champion Holly Holm (11-3).

“The Preacher’s Daughter” recently spoke to MMA Junkie to confirm that she is ready to face the champ– as long as the terms are right.

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Holly Holm has never been a fighter to back away from challenges. Arguably the biggest challenge any fighter can take right now is a 145-pound title fight against Brazilian powerhouse Cris Cyborg, and Holm is ready and willing to take her on. However, she understands the value of this fight and wants to make sure her UFC contract reflects that.


“I don’t get too nitpicky with a lot of stuff. I don’t want to be a whiny fighter,” the former champ told MMA Junkie.

“She better make weight, I’ll tell you that. I do feel like the compensation should be a lot more, based on the fact it’s the biggest girls fight anyone can have right now– that’s my reasoning. I feel like we should be compensated for it. That has nothing else to do with anything else other than it’s just a factual thing. That has nothing to do with the drama or anything else.”

After Justino TKO’d Tonya Evinger in the third round to claim the vacant featherweight title at UFC 214, Holm’s name was immediately thrown into the mix as a potential next challenge for Cybrorg’s belt. Dana White told the media at the post-fight press conference that Holm “seemed interested” and that he really “liked that fight”.

“It’s a possibility,” said HH. “There’s been a couple of times we’ve talked about it before. We’ve talked about the catchweight, which he didn’t want to do. That was before they opened the 145-pound division…If the fight with Cyborg is offered, then I’m going to sign it.”

If the fight with Cyborg is offered, then I’m going to sign it” -Holly Holm

“If not [offered the Cyborg fight], then whoever they give me. I don’t want my career to be defined by one fight. Everyone was talking about the Ronda fight, and then what? There’s still a whole career that’s always still out there. I’m not going to sit around waiting for one. If the opportunity comes, then that’s great.”

Image result for holly holmWhen discussing a fight with Cyborg, many fighters often reference her past failed drug test in 2011. For example, Germaine de Randamie, who defeated Holly Holm to claim the featherweight belt, relinquished her standing as champion to avoid a fight with Cyborg because of Cyborg’s past use of “forbidden substances”.

I just want to know if I got somewhere, it was from hard work. That, in turn, keeps me mentally  strong.

While Holm acknowledges Cyborg’s past tests, she isn’t going to let it interfere with a possible title shot. “A lot of the girls have their reason to not really want to fight her,” Holm said. “She got the violation before [in 2011]. I don’t know. My thing is: I don’t want to touch it. I don’t want to have any enhancers. I just want to know if I got somewhere, it was from hard work. That, in turn, keeps me more mentally strong”. Holm continued, “whatever other people do is their own thing. It should definitely be a clean sport. She say’s she’s clean now, but no matter what I’m capable of winning that fight off of hard work. I’m still open to fighting her no matter what”.

If you follow Cyborg’s official Twitter page, you’ve definitely seen her campaign for a fight with Holm. Holm and her team have taken notice of this, but aren’t bothered by anything the featherweight queen has to say.

I dont really care what Cyborg says. She’s had a lot to say lately. I don’t really look into it. I’m just waiting to have a contract sent to me.

“I don’t really care what Cyborg says,” Holm said. “She’s had a lot to say lately. I don’t really look into it. I’m just waiting to have a contract sent to me. That’s when the fight’s on, and I’m going to train hard. I’m not into saying who is trying to use who’s name of all this other BS stuff. I don’t get into it.”Image result for cris cyborg

Cyborg’s lone loss comes to Erica Paes via a kneebar submission in 2005. Since then, Cyborg has been unstoppable with 16 of her 18 fight win-streak coming by way of knockout.

I can take her out of her element. She’s definitley beatable.

Holm is confident in herself and her team– “I think that anybody has a game plan that can be used against them. She’s defintiley beatable. I’m not going to sit here and say she was impressive or not impressive in her last fight. Styles make a difference and that was a different fight and our fight would be something completely different. I’m ready for it.”

Source: MMA Junkie (original article here)

Fight fans– what do you think of Holm’s comments? Would you like to see this fight happen?


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  1. They both need this fight; Holm, if she wants to be defined by more than just her victory over Rousey and Cyborg because Holm, despite her generally lackluster performances against all her UFC opponents not named Rousey, probably represents the biggest challenge to Cyborg to date.

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