MMA fans furious at RIZIN’s decision to book Gabi Garcia against 53-year-old Shinobu Kandori

MMA fans are outraged following today’s announcement that heavyweight queen, Gabi Garcia, would return to action at the RIZIN Fighting Federation event on December 29 to battle 53-year-old Shinobu Kandori. The two were originally set to fight last year, however Kandori suffered an inury and was replaced by 50-year-old Yumiko Hotta.

Fans are less than pleased with the organization’s decision to book a female heavyweight fighter in her prime, against the 53-year-old Politician in Kandori, who will be coming out of retirement and making her return to the ring following over 17 years away from the sport.

Social media has exploded with negative feedback from the fans. Take a look at some of their comments below:




  1. So 6’2″ 200+ pound #1 Ranked HW, Gabi Garcia, who has been disqualified for illegal blows in her last 2 fights is fighting an unranked 5’7″ 165 pound 53 year old politician that hasn’t fought in over 17 years old, and some people find that disturbing? Hard to believe.

    Not sure what is more mind-boggling. Rizin booking the fight, Gabi taking the fight or this “politician” taking the fight. I’d hate to think of my representative doing anything this stupid. It seems like a lose-lose proposition for everyone involved, including the fans.

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