MMA legend Chael Sonnen praises Holly Holm for cage control, reveals where he sees ‘major opportunity’ for her in future fights

MMA legend Chael Sonnen has given his verdict on Holly Holm’s performance against Raquel Pennington at the ‘UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cowboy’ event this past Saturday.

Chael Sonnen sees ‘major opportunity’ for Holly Holm in future fights.

The multiple-time UFC title challenger turned ESPN MMA analyst says Holm impressed him with her clinch control, which he believes is ‘better than anybody in the sport today’.

I’d like to pay Holly a compliment for her ability to clinch and control the action. She can back an opponent up to the cage and hold them on that cage better than anybody in the sport today and that includes Khabib.” Sonnen said in a video feature about Holm on his YouTube channel.

If you go back to the Cris Cyborg fight, you will see, not just once, not just twice, you will see it three times, she locks up the big, strong Cyborg. Pushed her all the way across the fence, keeps an underhook, gets head position and maintains that position for a period of time. That is something Holly did against Raquel.” he continued.

Holm picked up her sixth UFC victory at this past Saturday’s UFC 246 event.

However, despite being impressed by her ability to control in the clinch, he still believes Holm needs to work more with the position and explains where he sees ‘major opportunity’ for Holm to capitalize on in the future.

Now, if I was to critique Holly a little bit, once she gets to this position, she’s not doing a lot with it. She is unlike Khabib where she is able to advance from there. The good news is, the hard part is getting your opponent there, the easy part is finishing. So she’s figured out the hard part, I think she can work on the second part if she wants to. If this is something she likes and she sees opportunity, and I see it for her, I see major opportunity to be able to hold your opponent against the fence.” he said.

The next step of the evolution will be to score an advanced position.” he concluded.

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