Miesha Tate: “If Holly can hurt Cyborg, I think Amanda could do a lot of damage”

Former UFC bantamweight champion and MMA pioneer, Miesha “Cupcake” Tate, is weighing in on a potential Cris Cyborg vs Amanda Nunes fight. Check out what she has to say below! 

On MMA on SiriusXM, Tate spoke to Sean O’Connell to share her support of Cyborg vs Nunes.

“They don’t train at the same place, and I don’t think that they’ve ever been very close training partners. I hope that I’m not speaking out of ignorance— I don’t recall ever seeing much photos or promotion that the two of them training together,” said the former champ.

“To me, it doesn’t seem like they’re close enough to say, ‘hey, I don’t want to fight this person.’ I mean being from the same country is not enough of a reason in my mind to avoid a fight with someone. Otherwise, there would be a lot of fights that don’t make sense. If they were teammates I could totally get that but they do train at separate gyms.”

“Cupcake” continued, “I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing that fight. I can’t say I know how hard Cyborg hits— I mean it looks like she hits really hard. I can say I know how hard Amanda hits.”

Tate, who dropped the bantamweight title to Nunes in the UFC 200 headlining bout can testify to the power of Nunes on the feet: “She hits with a power that I’ve never felt from another female before. She’s effortless in her striking. She hurts Woman when she gets in there and fights.”

“Sure, she’s smaller, but she’s a big 135er. She’s got a lot of power. Power I’ve never felt in the 135-pound division so if Holly can hurt Cyborg, I think Amanda can do a lot of damage. I think Amanda with her punching power hits harder than Holly does.”

She concludes, “With Holly exploiting some of the holes in Cyborg’s game and some of the weakness, when you add someone’s power like Amanda’s behind it. And Amanda’s got judo, she’s got wrestling, she’s got a good ground game there as well.”

Do you agree with Tate?

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  1. I seem to find myself agreeing a lot more with Miesha now that she’s retired. While I still give Cyborg the edge, I think Amanda could give her a good fight, far better than anyone else at FW or LW.

  2. I don’t see how Holly hurt Cyborg. Holly did well technically but never really had Cyborg in trouble. I read that Cyborg received not even the minimal medical suspension, so how was she hurt? Amanda barely achieved two narrow wins over the much smaller Valentina Shevchenko, who is now fighting at 125, so how is Amanda going to deal with Cyborg? I wish Holly had beaten Cyborg. I’m no Cyborg fan, but I’m a realist.

    1. Not sure how hurt Cyborg was, but there was the bloody nose which the announcers thought might be broken and she did get rocked a few times which is more damage than she’s sustained in all of her fights to date put together. As far as Amanda barely getting by Valentina, the Cyborg over Holly victory was more narrow on 2 of the judges’ scorecards than the Valentina over Holly fight. While I’m not claiming Amanda is going to defeat Cris, I think she’ll give her a better fight than anyone else at 145 including the #2 ranked featherweight, Julia Budd.

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