Miesha Tate on Cyborg vs Kunitskaya : “You can’t just throw a fight like this as the main event and expect people to buy into it”

Miesha Tate is not impressed with the recent announcement that a featherweight title fight between Cris Cyborg and promotional newcomer Yana Kunitskaya will headline the UFC 222 pay-per-view event on March 3.

Tate says she won’t be buying UFC 222.

The former bantamweight champ believes the main event is not enough to make fans want to spend their money and purchase the event due to the fact that Yana Kunitskaya has not yet developed herself as a “true star” of the UFC or MMA.

The price that they’re asking for, you can’t just throw a fight like this on for the main event and expect people to buy into it. I don’t feel like that’s a really fair thing to do. Yana has yet to be developed as a true star of the UFC and of mixed martial arts. I’m not saying she won’t become a star and this surely is a great opportunity for her but she’s not there yet. What makes me want to buy a pay-per-view for someone that I’m not really familiar with? I think pretty much everybody who headlines a major pay-per-view UFC event, we’re talking the most elite organization of MMA in the world, usually has a pretty good following and that’s not the case for this main event, for this title fight. It’s really Cyborg bearing the weight of this card on her shoulders and I don’t think it’s fair, I don’t think I want to spend 65 dollars on that card for the off what-if chance that this may turn out to be a great fight.” Tate told MMA Tonight.

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UFC 222 takes place on March 3 from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The main card will be aired live on pay-per-view from 10pm EST.


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