Miesha Tate says Megan Anderson isn’t ready for Cris Cyborg: “She’s a bit green at this point, not experienced enough yet”

Former UFC bantamweight champion, Miesha Tate, does not believe Megan Anderson is ready for a shot at UFC featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg.

Tate does not think Anderson is ready for Cris Cyborg.

Australia’s Anderson (8-2-0) is being tipped by many to be the next challenger for Cyborg. However, Tate believes that Anderson hasn’t beat a high enough level of competition to earn that right, she feels as though Megan is too “green at this point“.

The problem I have with that fight is, um, the quality of opponents Megan has beat, I don’t feel they’re even remotely close to Cyborg,” she said Wednesday on SiriusXM’s “MMA Tonight.” “I think she’s a bit green at this point.”

Despite Anderson’s inexperience, Tate still believes Anderson will get the fight due to her marketability. However she is adamant the Invicta FC featherweight champ is not on Cyborg’s level.

I think Megan will probably be the next one to get it. I think she’s the most marketable,” Tate said. “She’s very tall. She’s very long. She’s very rangy. … She’s going to have a height advantage. That makes it interesting. She’ll be the first woman who has that much of a reach and size advantage, you could say, on Cyborg.

But I don’t think she’s experienced enough yet. There’s a big difference in the women she’s been fighting and beating, and then Cyborg.

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Fight fans, do you agree with Tate? Is Megan Anderson too inexperienced for Cris Cyborg? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Yes, Cindy Dandois already choked out Megan.
    Seems silly to “downgrade” and fight someone less skilled?

    Different if that fight was close or something then maybe?
    But it was totally one sided.

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