Miesha Tate: “Amanda Nunes hits like a man. She has the power to knock Cris Cyborg out”

Miesha Tate believes Amanda Nunes has the power to finish Cris Cyborg when the pair meet for the UFC featherweight title at UFC 232 in December.

Tate believes Nunes has the power to knock out Cris Cyborg.

Tate, a former UFC bantamweight champion, believes Cris Cyborg will ultimately win the fight. However, she does believe Nunes has legitimate power which could potentially work in her favor.

I obviously think Cyborg is going to win, she is the woman to beat and until I see something largely monumental going against Cyborg, she is pretty much going to be the one I always pick against any other woman on this planet,” Miesha Tate said during a recent chat with Ariel Helwani.

That being said, Amanda hits like a man,” Tate continued. “I can say first-hand that she hits so hard. And it looks effortless, she is very natural at it. She’s got this falcon-like wingspan, it’s very long. Cyborg may be surprised by how hard she gets hit by Amanda. I don’t believe Cyborg is going to want to walk through the punches like she does with every other female she’s ever fought. You’re not going to want to do that against Amanda. She might be smaller than you, but she packs one hell of a punch and she could hurt Cyborg.”

She has the power to knock Cyborg out, I do believe that. I don’t think it will happen this fight, but if Cyborg doesn’t actually come in with a strategy and just wants to bully Amanda, she might get hurt.” she concluded.

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Fight fans, do you agree with Tate? Does Nunes have the power to knock out Cris Cyborg? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Miesha really needs to stop fangirling over Amanda, it’s tiresome now. Nunes didn’t even knock HER out, nor Raquel, nor Valentina, nor Germaine, yadda yadda yadda… to quote a TV ad from a long time ago: “power is nothing without control” — Nunes evidently has yet to fully harness the power she possesses. Maybe the move to Feather will do it, or maybe it won’t… but as of now there’s no reason to think it’s any more likely to show up than in the past.

  2. Nunes certainly has knockout power, as is shown by what she did to Ronda. Nonetheless, she failed to knock out the notably smaller Valentina Shevchenko on two occasions, both of which were close fights. And she lost to injury-prone Cat Zingano. Cyborg also has tremendous knockout power and she uses hers with consistent effect, even if cautious counter-puncher Holly Holm was able to avoid her most devastating punches. My guess is Cyborg by KO.

  3. “what good is a missile without a delivery system” comes to mind. Cyborg is a superior striker to Nunes. Nunes has trouble beating opponents with even decent standup, she’s a grappler/wrestler killer. this has been a theme her entire career and hasn’t changed. the best striker she stopped is Raquel Pennington who has no bite and was coming off a 2 year layoff and a broken leg that got re-broken in the first round. Cyborg will eat Amanda’s punches and deliver shots that melt Nunes. this fight is not interesting one bit.

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