August 12, 2020

Michelle Waterson’s coach hopes UFC brings in atomweight division, also wants Rose Namajunas rematch

Mike Winkeljohn, head coach of Michelle Waterson at Jackson-Wink MMA Academy, has called for the UFC to create a 105-pound women’s atomweight division.

Is it time for the UFC to create a 105-pound women’s atomweight division?

Waterson (17-7) recently headlined the UFC on ESPN+ 19 event against Joanna Jedrzejczyk. With a win, Waterson was all set to challenge for the strawweight title. Ultimately, Waterson fell short via unanimous decision.

During a recent chat with, Winkeljohn says that he believes Waterson has been undersized at 115-pounds. He’d love for the UFC to create a 105-pound division, but in the meantime is working on building muscle for his fighter.

I would love for there to be a 105-pound division for Michelle. She is small for the division, but with that being said, she is right there. It is only the top two or three girls that are doing it to her at the moment that using the size,” Winkeljohn said. “She is back in the gym and knows she made some mistakes. I’m thinking Joanna is going to win the world title, but we are trying to get Michelle to get some muscle and try to get that back.

With regards to what Waterson’s next move will officially be.

There are no talks right now as everyone is sitting waiting to see what they will do. The UFC is trying to figure out what they want to do. But, Michelle is a highly marketable and a great fighter and can go against any fighter in the division,” he explained. “She is going to work on some skills and work on muscle.”

Waterson is a former Invicta FC atomweight champion.

Winkeljohn went on to reveal that he would love for Waterson to avenge her loss to Rose Namajunas, but are also eyeing up a potential Jessica Andrade match.

They both have different skillsets. Andrade is so strong but Michelle’s movement is way better. Rose is incredible with her boxing but Michelle would love to get that fight back,” he concluded. 

Fight fans, what would you like to see Waterson do next? Let us know in the comments section below.


6 thoughts on “Michelle Waterson’s coach hopes UFC brings in atomweight division, also wants Rose Namajunas rematch

  1. I would love to see an AW division, or even more realistically, a Super AW (108#’s) as well, but I ‘m not sure Michelle wants to drop that low.

  2. which is it Winkeljohn? go to 105 or fight the other two and lose again? people need to chill with the atomweight song and dance every time she lose. last time she made that weight was ages ago and she almost died doing it. she’s gotten alot bigger now. she’s just not top 5 material. if they introduce a 105 division she’s not gonna be any closer to winning a title.

    1. Au Contraire, Mr Glass. She can do it if she prepares better to cut to 105, but if she adds more muscle, it’s gonna get even tougher ! and she is championship material in the right weight class ! She does not belong at 115. Neither does Souza, Tecia Torres, Brionna Van Buren, Hannah Cifers, Jodie Esquibel, Penne, etc. If you’re 5’2” or shorter, unless you’re just built like a tank , you need to be at 105 ! Waterson is probably not quite that short, but she and Tecia and some others are almost always at huge physical disadvantages, not ability.

      1. okay, if she walks around at 130, I change my mind, but she’s still too short, too small to ever get anywhere when you’ve got tall, lanky fighters like Joanna and Rose in that division.

  3. Agree with the other commenters. Yes to the AW division, no to Michelle being in it. I hear she walks around at 130. That’s precisely the type of weight cutting that is so unhealthy and that the UFC should be trying to get away from.

  4. Although Michelle would/will be the underdog against anyone in the top five at strawweight, she is capable of causing an upset if the stars align in the right way for her and she fights the fight of her life. But to get a title shot she would probably have to beat two or three top 10 girls in a row. And than she would still have to beat the champ, which by the time she would get the fight will probably either be Zhang, Joanna or Namajunas. That are a lot of fights in which she would be the underdog that would have to go the right way for Michelle. She could possibly cause an upset in one fight. But in, say, three fights in a row? Very unlikely. Her only chance imo is if she is asked to be the substitute for a title challenger who gets injured at the last minute and she fights the fight of her life when she gets that shot. But that are too many if’s and but’s for serious conversation. She’s basically fucked because the strawweight division is so strong. There is no (comparitively) easy road to the title. I agree that she should stay away from atomweight though. It’s already a dangerous game enough as it is without adding insane weight cuts to her plate. Much as she may long to be a mum champ, it’s much more important to be a healthy mum.

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