Michelle Waterson wants atomweights in the UFC: “The division has more fighters than Cris Cyborg’s weight class”

Michelle Waterson wants to see the UFC add a women’s atomweight division to its roster in the near future.

Waterson wants to see the UFC create an atomweight division.

Last week, several news outlets reported that the UFC is looking to add a women’s 105-pound weight-class along with a potential new TV deal. Waterson (15-6) was recently asked about the rumors during a chat with MMA NYTT.

Of course. There’s so many women that compete in MMA that train just as hard as the guys do and they need a home,” Waterson said. “They need a place to showcase their skills. Absolutely I think they should add the weight class. It would expand the UFC roster and there are a lot of entertaining 105’ers that are heavy hitters, they’re fast, they’re good submission artists. So yeah, I think they should definitely add it.

I think there are more atomweight fighters than there are fighters in [Cris] Cyborg’s weight class. They have a weight class for her,” Waterson said. “100-percent. It should happen and it eventually will.”

“The Karate Hottie” was in action this past weekend at the UFC on FOX 29 event, earning herself a split decision victory over Cortney Casey. The 32-year-old was an Invicta FC atomweight world champion before making the move to the UFC in order to fight women from the bigger 115-pound division.

The atomweight division would certainly be an exciting addition to the UFC. The weight-class is constantly growing with the women putting on the most exciting fights on their respective cards. Some of the division’s most popular talents include Jinh Yu FreyAshley CumminsSeo Hee HamHerica Tiburcio and Amber Brown.

WMMA Atomweight World Rankings

Fight fans, do you agree with Waterson? Is it time for the UFC to add a 105-pound weight-class? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Amen! There are WAY more atomweight fighters than there are fighters in [Cris] Cyborg’s weight class, especially highly skilled competitive fighters.

    My question is, would Michelle drop down? She had previously indicated that she wouldn’t – that the weight drop took too big a toll on her body. With improvements in weight training, I think it can be more easily managed now.

    In addition to the fighters mentioned in the article, I would like to see Ayaka Hamasaki, Mina Kurobe, Mei Yamaguchi, Naho Sugiyama, Kanna Asakura, Rena Kubota, Catherine Costigan, Tessa Simpson, Andy Nguyen, Bi Nguyen, Jenny-Huang, Gina Iniong, Maria de Oliveira Neta, Lena Tkhorevska, Paulina Granados, Jenny Huang, Alesha Zappitella, Julia Jones, Minna Grusander, Shino VanHoose, Satomi Takano, Emi Tomimatsu, Kyra Batara, and Lisbeth Lopez Silva all added. Obviously, not all would be willing to forego their own organization for the UFC but one can always hope.

  2. Agree the UFC should add atomweight, but Michelle should stay where she is. Cutting is harder as you get older and I understand she walks around at about 130.

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