Michelle Waterson furious with Conor McGregor for bus attack, explains why it will have a continued impact on the MMA world

Michelle Waterson is furious with Conor McGregor for his attack on a bus containing a number of fighters during the buildup of last week’s UFC 223 event.

Waterson is unhappy with Conor McGregor’s actions.

Waterson (14-6) returns to action at this Saturday’s UFC on FOX 29 event to take on Cortney Casey. Ahead of the big fight, she recently appeared on The TSN Show and didn’t hold back when asked about the incident.

I thought that it was extremely uncalled for,” she said. “If you have [a] personal beef with somebody, we are in the perfect arena of business to hash out that beef and get paid for it. For things to go down the way they did, I thought was really unprofessional. I thought that Conor and his team acted emotionally and, as a martial artist, I think that being able to control your emotions is one of the most important things. And one of the things that I personally take pride in is having the ability to control my emotions.

I know Conor is a huge martial artist and he is so mentally strong when it comes to the fight game, which is why it confuses me that he let little things like that get to him. I don’t know how this is going to affect his career, but it’s damaged his career, it’s damaged the face of the UFC.” she continued.

She went on to discuss the continued impact that McGregor’s actions are having on people involved in the MMA world.

We’ve just got [sanctioned in] New York and all this drama goes down in New York, not to mention all of the fighters that got affected by it, my teammate (Borg) being one of those fighters,” she said. “The ripple effect of what happened last week, it continues to affect people. Not just the fighters, the coaches – they are relying on the money. You put in eight to 10 weeks of training to get paid and now the coaches don’t get paid. People’s families go out there to support their loved ones as they fight.

Now the employees are afraid and now we’re here in Arizona and we’ve got extra security out here just for extra precautions; it’s insane, it’s ridiculous and it shouldn’t have happened,” said Waterson.

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  1. Michelle is right! Worse still could happen if the UFC, after slapping Conor on the wrist, attempts to use this incident to build publicity for a superfight. Then you would see the re-emergence of politicians calling for the sport to be outlawed entirely. The second coming of McCain. And there is even a worse possibility. Given Conor’s lack of remorse and his self-justification, we don’t know how psycho he actually is. He could show up with a gun next time.

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