Megan Anderson claims she has not been offered UFC featherweight title shot, despite Cris Cyborg’s recent Instagram post

Megan Anderson claims she has not been offered a UFC featherweight title shot against Cris Cyborg at the UFC 221 event on February 10.

Anderson claims she hasn’t been offered a fight against Cris Cyborg.

This past Wednesday, Cyborg took to her Instagram page to say “I got a call asking if I would fight Megan Anderson in her home country and I said Yes“.

Anderson has now responded. The Australian claims no fight has been offered to either party and says a fight between the pair on February 10 is impossible. Take a look at her comments below.

I didn’t realise you can accept a fight that’s never been offered to you… Cris nor her team have been offered a fight against me at UFC Perth by the UFC despite the rumours. The UFC are looking to book this fight, but since the UFC Perth card is already completely booked, it will not be happening in 6 weeks.” Anderson said.

They can say whatever, can try make me look whatever they like, try and say someone else deserves this fight, but one thing is certain: this is the only fight that needs to happens and it will happen, soon” she continued.

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Fight fans, are you excited for a potential showdown between Cybrog and Anderson? Who would win? Let us know in the comments section below.


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