Meet Barbara Nepomuceno, the 185-pound kickboxing world champion set to make history as she transitions to MMA

Brazilian kickboxing world champion Barbara Nepomuceno has revealed that she is looking to make the transition to professional mixed martial arts competition. 

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Nepomuceno believes she will be the fighter to put the women’s middleweight division on the map in MMA.

Nepomuceno, who trains at Gaia MMA,  tells WMMA Rankings that she is hoping to make her MMA debut in the near future as part of the middleweight division. She feels as though she can be the woman to put the women’s 185-pound division on the map and encourage other females to begin competing in the weight class, much like how Gabi Garcia has done with the women’s heavyweight division.

I’m so happy. I’m preparing for this. I want a chance. I’ll be the number one” Nepomuceno told WMMA Rankings when asked about her feelings regarding the transition to MMA.

The 27-year-old plans to compete in both MMA and kickboxing simultaneously. In fact, the Brazilian will be competing in a kickboxing world title fight this Saturday July 22nd when she defends her WGP Super Middle Weight World title against Val Stansky.

The women’s middleweight division in MMA is still very much a developing one. With organizations reluctant to book the bigger ladies, opportunities are limited. However, there is real talent in the weight class, as proven by fighters such as Yoshiko Hirano, Maura Tynanes, Jessica Kruger, Olivia Parker and many more. Nepomuceno would certainly make a great addition to the division, with her striking credentials and beautiful looks, she has the potential to be a stand-out star at 185-pounds.

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Fight fans, are you excited to see Nepomuceno make the transition to MMA? Who would you like to see her face? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



  1. They should make 136 on up Heavyweight for the women. You might have a decent division then. It’d be interesting that given Cyborg walks around at 175, to see how she’d do against someone that is bigger than her. Usually it’s the reverse. Hope Barbara has a ground game as well. Until I see Barbara in action, though, my money would be on Cyborg.

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