“Meatball” McCann – a proud Liverpudlian fulfilling her destiny in the Octagon

Liverpool’s Molly McCann doesn’t believe that it is a coincidence that her debut UFC fight against Gillian Robertson happens to be in her hometown.

She says, “All feels natural. Nothing’s forced. It’s all organic and it’s like it was written in the stars for this to happen for me. Perfect timing. And I just can’t wait to put a performance on for my city.”

McCann comes into the Octagon as the Cage Warriors Flyweight Champion, but as an Octagon newcomer, she is fighting on an undercard match, but brimming with enthusiasm and confidence, she is not concerned. She told MMAjunkie

“Going from the headliner to the undercard, it’s not so bad. The pressure is not on me to succeed. She’s probably got more pressure on her coming from the camp

she’s from. I’m a debutant, it is no stress.”

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Given the location and the timing, “Meatball” sees victory as a formality. She says, “She stands up, she’s f-cked. If it stays – or it will stay standing, she hasn’t got a chance in hell to cope with what I’ve got. My footwork is far more superior than hers. Her competition jiu-jitsu is better than mine. Is her combat jiu-jitsu better than mine? I’m not so sure. I’m yet to be finished.”

“It’s going to take something special to come into my city when. I’ve got all of that going on, to come and beat me. We were just talking about, ‘Would you ever tap if you were in a situation to tap? My coach is, ‘You don’t (expletive) tap, because you’ve got insurance.’ Even if my arm is hyper-extended, I’m not going out like that.”


What do you think? Who you take in the fight? McCann or Robertson?

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