September 26, 2020

Maycee Barber’s father completely discredits Roxanne Modafferi for her UFC 246 win in shocking second statement

Maycee Barber’s father has released a lengthy second statement about his daughter’s loss to Roxanne Modafferi at the UFC 246 event this past Saturday.

According to Bucky Barber, Maycee suffered a complete ACL tear at UFC 246.

This past Saturday at the UFC 246 event, Maycee Barber suffered the first loss of her MMA career, a unanimous decision to veteran contender and pioneer of the sport, Roxanne Modafferi.

During the fight, there was a notable moment in the second round when Modafferi landed a shot on Barber who fell to the ground holding her knee. This injury seemed to bother Barber for the remainder of the fight, with a ringside doctor later coming in to reveal it was a ‘partial ACL tear’.

Following the fight, Barber’s father, Bucky, said the injury was in fact a fully torn ACL, as well as claiming the injury occurred during the first ten seconds of the very first-round. Modafferi refuted these claims during an appearance on The Ariel Helwani Show, saying she believes the injury took place during the second.

On Tuesday night, Bucky Barber decided to release a second lengthy statement on his daughter’s loss. He says Maycee ‘was not beaten by the better skill-set’ and questions whether his daughter really lost at all. He believes Maycee lost due to ‘bad luck’ and was once again adamant his daughter suffered a complete ACL tear in the first ten-seconds of the fight.

Take a look Barber’s full statement below:

The work was in, the skill level at its peak her only way of defeat is if bad luck kissed her on the cheek. Ten seconds in a complete ACL tear turned the probable into the unlikely. Though she had her moments and showed more heart than most have ever witnessed the night ended with an Loss. However was it a loss? She was not beaten by a better skill set. She was beaten by one unfortunate step and turn of events. That is out of her control. The victory we take from this is we now know we have the highest level of heart to match the highest level of skill in the game. I have seen how athletes react when this injury occurs. Very very few stay standing let alone fight an MMA fight for 15 minutes and still survive. That is insane.” Barber wrote on his Instagram page.

“She will be back stronger and more dominant than ever and we as a team could not be more proud. The Future is real do not get confused with one step. The worst of luck smiles at us all! All we can do is smile back. She will see you all very soon. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. The Future, Version 2.0 to be feared.
” he continued.

Meanwhile, Modafferi has been receiving praise from fans on social media for her performance this past Saturday and moves up to number-five in the UFC’s official flyweight rankings.

Fight fans, how do you feel about Barber’s comments? Let us know in the comments section below.

UPDATE 1: Roxanne Modafferi keeps it respectful & classy in response to comments made by Team Barber

UPDATE 2: Top UFC and MMA talents react to comments made by Team Maycee Barber, reach out in support of Roxanne Modafferi


19 thoughts on “Maycee Barber’s father completely discredits Roxanne Modafferi for her UFC 246 win in shocking second statement

  1. Pft. If that had been written by anyone NOT a blood relative of Maycee I’d be worried. As is though, I don’t expect someone like him to be in the least bit objective, so I’m just gonna pretend that bullshit was something I never even saw, and carry on with my day. 🙂

    1. Who gives a lick. She was on the floor
      The winner standing up. Old man go fly a kite. Ass lick your daughter lost. Better luck on rematch. Cry baby

  2. No, she does not have the “highest level of skill in the game.” Barber lost because Roxanne was a lot better on the ground. The knee injury clearly took place in the second round, and her corner failed her by allowing her to continue into the third round.

  3. Barber is gonna flame out and I’ll enjoy the ride. she’s poor as a fighter and is all size and aggression, no skill.

  4. Did he see her face? Did he see how large she looked? She looked so big i dont even know how she made weight. Maycee’s dad should be ashamed of himself. Rox won clearly. She dominated Maycee and she gave her empathy for that knee and didn’t target it. She could have kicked it and busted the fuck out of it causing Maycee to be out for a long time possibly never fight again but she spared that.

  5. S&C because she did have love handles would certainly help with injuries. MB had a ton of heart too. Madifarri I think anyway her technique won her the fight. Time for MB but Mad…. chick needs a really good test now2,3,4 ranked imo

  6. his daughter is overrated and believes her own hype Mondefirri beat her up good and she cant accept that. just like Rousey who cried like the overated I hype machine she is. The old man is a pathetic p o s who bitches like his daughter. what a family of pussies

  7. Stupid statement on his part. You can’t improve if you don’t recognize your weaknesses. Barber was completely outclassed.

    1. Totally agree with you.
      I have seen many young male but particularly female tennis players parhs to greatness be totally derailed by fathers who should keep their mouths shut when their child loses or at least show a little humility.
      It doesn’t matter when she got her injury. The fact is she lost. She sustained the injury, end of conversation.
      What would of/could of happened if she did NOT is totally irrelevant and attempting to put down the winner and saying that his daughter had better skills is just so DISRESPECTFUL.
      He should be ashamed of himself.
      He is an embarrisment to his daughter and to the competition.

  8. is Maycee Barbers dad going to be the Lavar Ball of mma. running his mouth to hype hi overated kid. Now its clear why Barber wanted Van Zant. she dient want to fight the top 5girls because of the ass whipping she will get

  9. MB’s ground game and BJJ was totally amateurish, she didn’t use technique and overpower Roxana when she changed the position by giving her back ( the only thing worse than being mounted is giving up your back) and came on top, so the skill set was so apart on the ground and even on the feet, Roxana rocked her on the feet and that’s how they ended on the ground and she tear her ACL at the first place. Something else that i should mention is MB’s previous opponent, MB never fought against elite opponents till Roxana and was too soon too conclude she’s going to be a champion soon, her last fight was against someone who was a BJJ specialist which no standup skill ( she couldn’t even look at the punches coming and was afraid of them which is very amateurish thing to do). So her father completely believe in her daughter’s hype and not prepare her properly and saying BS like this, is doing very dangerous thing for MB’s FUTURE. btw did he really thing people don’t know anything about fighting and gonna ignore the facts? we saw her fight and their skill set was poor on MB’s side not on Roxana’s part!!!
    Believing in your own hype is a stupid thing to do cause it’s make you overconfidence and stopping you from getting better. I hope MB back with a lesson learned and stronger than ever, she is too young and has so much time too learn.

  10. Sorry but this shows so much disrespect to any tighter who stands actoss the cage from maycee. Her father is pissed cause she got out matched. He has no business speaking for her and honestly should be silenced for shaming her opponent. Maycee needs to distant herself from her reckless father.

  11. bullshi? you piece of garbage. how convient that he now claims a hacked account. bull. you said it and you got backlash. you over hyped kid was getting beat the hell up and made some garbage excuse. i hope you daughter gets knock the fck up next fight but she wont because Dana will give her a puff fight so he can save face as well

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