Maria Oliveira, the woman set to rule the strawweight division returns to action tomorrow

Brazilian strawweight Maria “Neta” Oliveira (6-2-0) returns to action tomorrow to face Geisa Veloso for the event Festival de Lutas da CUFA 4. Oliveira is on a five fight win streak as of right now, which includes three KO/TKO wins and one

Oliveira is on a five fight win streak, hoping to make it six tomorrow.

submission. With a victory tomorrow night, it’s only a matter of time before we see this woman fighting as part of the UFC’s strawweight division.

“Neta” has not watched any of her opponents fight tapes, she reveals “I do not have much to say about her, I have not seen any tapes on her. I let my coaches research my adversary and they tell me what I have to do“. She tells us on why she begun fighting “I begun fighting in a project at my school, I did Capoeira and I later begun taking part in other arts until I arrived at MMA“. She’s been training with top UFC strawweight Jessica Andrade and believes this has played a major factor in her growth with regards to MMA “Training with Paraná Vale Tudo provides you with countless good things, one of them is the fact that I train with Jessica [Andrade], that already made a big difference for my camp”.

Oliveira is one of the top prospects in the 115 pound division right now. She doesn’t just TKO opponents, she has actual knockout victories as shown when she fought Priscila Gomes in January of this year. She has since fought four more times, all victories. Her fight tomorrow will be her sixth fight of 2016. She tells us she is ready for the UFC and feels “closer” to the opportunity more than ever.

Maria Oliveira will face Geisa Veloso tomorrow for Festival de Lutas da CUFA 4.

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