“Your Majesty” Angela Magana has been released from her UFC contract

Strawweight contender, Angela Magana, has been released from her UFC contract.

The UFC has cut Magana from its roster.

Magana, also known as “Your Majesty”, is coming off a 0-3 run with the UFC, losing bouts to Tecia Torres, Michelle Waterson and Amanda Cooper. The 34-year-old veteran, who owns notable victories over Barb Honchak and Jessica Aguilar, reacted to the news on her social media pages.

I immediately asked for a rematch with UFC and they have released me after dropping three losses in a row. I’m thankful for the opportunities afforded to me through my journey with UFC and am currently headed to the gym to train for my next win” Magana wrote.

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Fight fans, how do you feel about about the news? What’s next for Magana? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



  1. Good, now she can get back to concentrating on her MMA skills without putting the pressure on herself to be some kind of character. She can her management team start trying to get her some fights in LFA, or Invicta FC, or Dynasty Combat, or even have a one off fight in Bellator because they have had one off Strawweight fights here and there. She needs to get her MMA mojo back.

    1. lol hey rodney again. She’s a dangerous, vicious sociopath. Her internal psycholgical processes are different than well adusted people. Her mom came from drugs, so she came from drugs, and messed up adicts create messed up kids. She’s garbage. her tough bitch persona hasn’t ever expressed itself in the cage. That’s her problem, that big difference between what people expect and what they see. What can we learn from her? That talk is cheap, and negative attention is worse than none at all.

      1. She was 11-3 at one point in her career so that’s far from being garbage. And she is confident in herself, but because she is a woman it’s viewed as if she is crazy. Yet, it’s okay and entertaining when a man shows confidence like Chael Sonnen. That crap about her mom and blah blah blah is irrelevant because she has obviously made something of her life by actually becoming good enough to become a professional fighter and discipline enough to actually become a certified Martial Artist and good enough to earn herself a UFC contract and to be able to make a living for herself being a MMA fighter. So not being in the UFC and on a national stage, she can stop having to worry about being a character and simply concentrate being a good MMA fighter once again. And as much as you think people don’t care about her, look at all the people who don’t care about her, it’s only that way because she made herself relevant by being a villian character that people love to hate. She gets eye balls to be on her.

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