Mackenzie Dern signs with Invicta FC, set to face Kaline Medieros at 115

A BJJ black belt is heading to Invicta FC.

Moments ago on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, top flyweight prospect Mackenzie Dern announced that she has signed with Invicta FC.

Mackenzie Dern (4-0) is best known for her grappling pedigree, where she is widely considered one of the best BJJ female practitioners in the world.

After several missed weight-cut attempts for 115 pounds, Dern made the decision to move up to 125 pounds for her last fight. Despite finding success at 125,  Dern will be attempting to make 115 once more to face Invicta’s Kaline Medeiros in a strawweight bout.

Dern last competed in a flyweight bout for LFA, knocking down and submitting Mandy Polk in the first round. Dern holds wins over Montana Stewart and Katherine Roy in MMA, as well a BJJ-tournament win over Gabi Garcia.

Dern vs Medeiros takes place at Invicta FC 26 in Kansas City, Missouri, on December 8.

Will Dern continue her undefeated streak in Invicta? 

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  1. This should be a good test as to how well Dern has adapted to MMA. Kaline Medeiros is no slouch, with her only loss in her last 6 fights a 5 round decision loss to Angela Hill. When are they scheduled to fight? Just hope Dern makes weight this time. Invicta (as all others) should base a penalty of 10% of the fighter’s earnings per pound they’re overweight.

    1. And just a clarification on the overweight penalty. It should all go to the other fighter (assuming they made weight) and not the organization. BTW, for anyone that cares, this fight will be on the upcoming IFC 26 card on 12/8.

    2. December 8th! It’s Invicta FC 26 headlined by Maia vs. Niedzwiedz. So far, a really solid card per usual by Invicta! Crossing my fingers everyone stays healthy.

  2. Oh great, I see Mackenzie Dern is still being stupid and not listening to her body and is going to try to make 115 pounds again. So just ignore the fact that the only time she came close was making it down to 116 pounds and she needed a allowance by her opponent and by LFA. So good to see that she is being stupid like all the other MMA fighters who continually prove that they can’t make a certain weight, but they continually harm their bodies trying to make that certain weight.

    1. I’d say it’s more of a case of improper weight mgt. than abusing her body. She certainly didn’t appear overly lean at 116.

      1. It’s been three attempts to make it down to 115 pounds for Mackenzie Dern and one of those times her body stop sweating, which is a clear sign her body is saying STOP THIS. It’s not weight management, it’s stupid fans like you who don’t give a dam about these fighters health outside of your own entertainment and says stupid things like weight management.

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