September 27, 2020

Mackenzie Dern finally admits she was ‘unprofessional’, thanks Amanda Cooper for accepting fight at UFC 224

Mackenzie Dern has finally admitted that she was ‘unprofessional’ for weighing in as a flyweight for recent strawweight bout at UFC 224, she has also thanked her opponent for accepting the fight despite being at a disadvantage.

Dern is one of the most highly-touted prospects in UFC history thanks to her hugely successful BJJ career.

Dern (7-0) has spoke about the shameful incident on multiple occasions since the fight. At first she told the press that she “thinks” her diet was the reason for it, and then later came out with a full story when appearing on The MMA Hour, going on to describe not being able to stand properly as one of the symptoms of her tough cut.

The multiple-time BJJ champion finally admitted her faults in an Instagram post on Tuesday night, thanking Cooper and the UFC for allowing the fight to happen and promising she’ll never miss weight again.

I want to first thank Amanda Cooper for taking the fight against me this Saturday at UFC 224. How most of you know, I missed weight and thankfully, Amanda and the UFC allowed the fight to happen. I know was unprofessional and I truly didn’t mean any disrespect to my opponent, organization or the fans. I really learned a lot from this and I know this is just making me a better fighter/athlete for the future. I appreciate all the messages and support from all of you and I can say that everything is already in the works with the help of the UFC to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” Dern wrote.

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Fight fans, what’s next for Mackenzie Dern – a move to flyweight or another shot at strawweight? Let us know in the comments section below.


6 thoughts on “Mackenzie Dern finally admits she was ‘unprofessional’, thanks Amanda Cooper for accepting fight at UFC 224

  1. The only to prevent this from happening is to put a clause in the contract if she misses weight by more than 1.5 lbs the fight will be cancelled & Dern would have to pay a damaged penalty to compensate the other fighter for wasting her time.

    1. I’d prefer the UFC, and others, to stipulate in their contracts that any offending fighter will be penalized 10% per pound overweight of their gross proceeds to the opposing fighter. If either fighter elects not to fight, it is drawn from the offending fighter’s next pay day. In this case, Mackenzie would have had to fork over 70% of both her show and win money to Amanda. The way it is now, there’s little incentive to get as close to the official weight as possible.

  2. MacKenzie Dern still as stubborn as ever saying she is still a Strawweight fighter, nothing has changed with her mindset. Amanda Cooper should have stood up for herself and not taken the fight, got her show money, and sent MacKenzie Dern home without a fight check and treated her like the unprofessional fighter she displayed herself to at UFC 224. But no, Amanda Cooper put pressure on herself because she didn’t want to stand up to the UFC by not taking the fight and she fell for that school yard crap of YOU’RE SCARED and took the fight. Now she sits at 3-4 and fighting for her UFC life.

    1. JR Yuen, I love your solution much better than mine. Maybe you should tweet your suggestion to @DanaWhite ! Thanks

  3. MacKenzie should move to flyweight. And the UFC should adopt One Championship style of weight rules to prevent any more of this gaming of the system.

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