Lucie Pudilova continues to push for fight with Aspen Ladd

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Lucie Pudilova is continuing to rattle Aspen Ladd’s cage.

Pudilova (8-2) has been campaigning for a fight with the undefeated Ladd (6-0) on social media. Ladd responded with a retort and threatened to do dental damage to the Czech fighter.

Pudilova is continuing the Instagram callouts, and is really letting her creativity take over. See her latest effort below:

The text says:

“Hi Aspen I Heard that local grandmothers in Californian house for pensioner have every weekend course of needlework. U should try it Instead of fighting in UFC !”

Ladd has yet to respond to this latest callout, but this looks like a fight that the UFC brass should book soon.

What do you think? Who would win between Pudilova and Ladd?



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