Liz Carmouche believes she should be fighting Valentina Shevchenko for vacant UFC flyweight title

A veteran fighter and participant in the UFC’s first women’s mixed martial arts fight believes she should be facing Valentina Shevchenko for the vacant UFC’s Women’s Flyweight title.

Liz Carmouche (12-6) believes she is more deserving than any other potential fighter. What is her rationale? She is the only fighter to finish Shevchenko in MMA. The two fought in a Oklahoma promotion, C3 Fights: Red River Rivalry in September of 2010, Carmouche won via second round doctor’s stoppage. Consequently, Carmouche says:

“I’m the only one who has ever finished her in MMA. Not in Muay Thai or kickboxing. I’m talking MMA. So, that would just, you think that would make sense for me to be the one to compete against her.”

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Even though she feels that was most deserving of the title shot, Carmouche understands the reasoning behind the decision:

“When I heard it I was bummed. I understand you always want drama leading up to the fight. You want whatever publicity you can get for it. It’s more appealing for fans, for media for everything. So I understand why everyone wants that.”

Moreover, Carmouche agreed with the UFC’s decision to strip former champion Nicco Montano of the title:

“As a champion, you are supposed to embody professionalism for the entire weight division. And if you can’t make weight, the weight cut shouldn’t begin in the fight week. It shouldn’t happen the day before weigh-ins. You should be leveling off, doing things intelligently your whole fight camp. So if you wait until the end and you do things unprofessionally, there are going to be consequences, putting your body at risk. As a result she wasn’t able to compete, and it’s not the first time she had to bail out of a fight. To me, that’s not what a champion does. I think they made the right call.”

While “Girlrilla” is disappointed about her lack of a title shot, she is poised and ready to take advantage of her next opportunity:

“Nicco needs to fight her way back into contention and maybe that’s the right fight. Whatever I have to do, I’m ready.”

Source: Dave Doyle, MMA Fighting

Fight fans, who would you like to see the former bantamweight contender face next at 125?

Veteran martial arts writer also published in Black Belt and Fight! Magazine.


  1. A questionable stoppage 8 years ago does not entitle one to a title fight. It might make for good marketing if Valentina wanted to avenge her only stoppage, but should have no bearing on who gets the next fight. However, I do believe she should be one of the top contenders given that she is the only fighter to have beaten top contender, Katlyn Chookagian, and did manage to stop Jennifer Maia’s (former Invicta Flyweight champ and a former #1 ranked flyweight {}) 6 fight winning streak. Unfortunately, she lost a close decision to Alexis Davis who in turn was beaten by Katlyn, so who’s to say who is the #1 contender?

  2. I’d most like to see Liz take on either Sarj or Nicco, but since Sarj is already committed to a fight against Roxie shortly (a stupid match-up, I must say, given that Sarj just beat her a little less than a year ago), Nicco should get the match-up by default. Alas, Nicco seems to be showing no interest in fighting since her weight fiasco.

    1. We’ll see who’s stupid. Roxy has levelled up and will continue her “vengeance tour” starting with Honchak and finishing with Nicco. Ultimately Roxy will hold the belt.

      1. I wish her well, but that sounds like a fantasy. I certainly look forward to seeing her hand raised in the cage with Sarj, though.

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