August 7, 2020

Lightweight World Rankings: Kayla Harrison establishes herself as queen of the women’s 155-pound division, climbs to number-one

The WMMA lightweight world rankings have been updated after the recent Professional Fighters League 6 event and Kayla Harrison has risen to number-one after taking out Jozette “The #1 Headbusta” Cotton.

Kayla Harrison is the number-one women’s lightweight fighter in the world.

Harrison (2-0) may be just two fights into her career, however the Olympic Gold Medallist has taken out two experienced veterans in those fights. This past June, she took out Brittney Elkin, a woman who is a BJJ specialist and owns a notable win over Bellator’s Gabrielle Holloway. Then this past Thursday she took out Jozette Cotton, a woman who’s defeated some of the greats at 155-pounds and above, including capturing the DCS lightweight title last September after taking out number-four ranked Sarah Patterson.

The women’s 155-pound lightweight division may not be the biggest in women’s MMA, however over the last few years there has been some growth with the likes of RIZIN, DEEP JEWELS, Dynasty Combat Sports and now PFL hosting fights for the weight-class. With Harrison now proving she is the top fighter in the division, it is unknown at this time if she will attempt to move down to featherweight in a bid to fight a higher level and bigger variety of competition or remain at 155-pounds and let the competition gradually come to her, in the process helping to establish the growth of the women’s lightweight division.

WMMA World Rankings

Fight fans, what do you think is next for Kayla Harrison? Would you like to see her move down to featherweight? If she stays at lightweight, is there anyone you’d like to see move up to face her?


One thought on “Lightweight World Rankings: Kayla Harrison establishes herself as queen of the women’s 155-pound division, climbs to number-one

  1. The only one at lightweight I’d be interested in seeing her fight is Bobbi Jo Dalziel, the only fighter to have defeated Jozette Cotton, and she hasn’t fought in over 2 years. Hopefully, she has worked on her take down defense in the interim, as Jozette was able to take her down at will, although she immediately let her up. I doubt if Kayla would be so gracious and would probably man-handle her on the ground.

    Another interesting fight could be against Gabi Garcia. Although Gabi would be quite a bit bigger, she has fought smaller fighters, and had never faced an athlete/fighter of Karla’s caliber.

    And then there’s Holly Holm, as Holly used to box at 154; that is, if the UFC would allow it. Probably doubtful. It would be nice to see her against Julia Budd. Julia loves to tie up, but I don’t think she would be so anxious with Kayla. If she is able to defeat the aforementioned ladies, she could entertain taking on Cris Cyborg.

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