Leslie Smith believes McGregor’s actions due to substance abuse or mental health issues, wants him to get professional help

UFC bantamweight Leslie Smith believes there is “no excuse” for Conor McGregor’s disgraceful antics yesterday in Brooklyn, New York and hopes the Irishman will receive the help he needs.

Smith believes Conor McGregor needs professional help for his inexcusable behaviour.

Smith (10-7-1) discussed the incident in a post on her social media pages. She believes McGregor’s actions were due to either substance abuse or mental health issues and hopes he will receive help for his problems.

I am not defending Conor McGregor or his actions but that behavior seems drug or alcohol induced and I hope he gets the help he needs, feels and expresses remorse, makes amends, and signs an authorization card. There is no excuse for it. But I still hope he gets the help he needs, if it’s substance abuse or simply irresponsible behavior, his actions were too destructive too come from a healthy place.” Smith said.

Another thing unions do- provide access to resources without getting the public or employer involved- they typically have professional standard committees. Mental health and substance abuse issues need to be dealt with to enable good decisions and good health.” she continued.

“The Peacemaker” believes all fighters who were forced out of their fights, due to injuries sustained from the incident, should all receive their show money.

We hope all fighters forced out will get their show money, their ‘Reebok’ money, get reimbursed for their medicals, not be charged for medicals resulting from the incident and be rebooked asap. If we had a union these thing would be guaranteed, not dependant on UFC’s good will.” she said.

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