August 7, 2020

Lei’D Tapa wants Gabi Garcia rematch, shares video of the time she knocked her down

RIZIN FF heavyweight contender, Lei’D Tapa, has declared that she wants a rematch against Gabi Garcia.

Lei’D Tapa believes she is deserving of a rematch against Gabi Garcia.

Tapa made the callout on her Instagram page, following Garcia’s recent interest in rematching Tapa.

The Japanese fans want a rematch me vs. Gabi, plus Gabi wants some more Tapa pounds too, so you know what? I’m down to pound! I AM READY! Nobu Sakakibara knows what’s good for business!! BOOK IT!” Tapa wrote.

The 35-year-old may have a professional MMA record of 0-2, however it should be noted these losses were close battles against top undefeated fighters in King Reina and Garcia. Tapa is known as the woman to have given Garcia the most trouble, knocking her down in the first-round during their 2015 encounter which Garcia ultimately won via TKO following some ground-and-pound.

Tapa is a professional wrestler who has done work for the WWE and TNA. She has taken her transition to MMA very seriously, competing in and winning several BJJ tournaments, she also made her professional boxing debut earlier this month, earning a victory over Angela Knight.

Before Tapa and Garcia can have any kind of rematch, the latter must first get through 53-year-old Shinobu Kandori at the upcoming RIZIN FF event on December 29.

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Take a look at Tapa’s knockdown over Gabi Garcia below:


3 thoughts on “Lei’D Tapa wants Gabi Garcia rematch, shares video of the time she knocked her down

      1. No, I mean Lei’D Tapa should just get some actual MMA fights under her belt against one of these new 0-0 MMA fighters coming into her weight class and just get experience. I feel bad for Gabi Garcia because Rizin FF is using her as a freak show. Maybe that’s the appetite of their Japanese fan base, but to match up Gabi Garcia against a 53 year is pathetic from my point of view.

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