KOTC Territorial Dispute: Jayme Hinshaw VS Cassie Robb – Preview

Jayme Hinshaw (1-2 Pro) (3-1 Amateur) Vs. Cassie Robb (1-5 Pro) (2-0 Amateur) – Atomweight (105 lb’s) KOTC: Territorial Dispute

Hinshaw is coming fresh off a scrap with #1 KOTC atomweight Contender, Bi Nguyen, in a fight she lost via split decision. However, both women came out as winners giving everything they had.

Their losses are nearly identical, and they both fought very impressive competition. Hinshaw has fought, Bi Nguyen (as earlier stated) as well as highly talked about wrestling prospect, Alesha Zapitella.

Casie Robb has fought KOTC atomweight Champion, Andy Nguyen, highly talked about well-rounded prospect, Grace Cleveland and the #2 atomweight and very hard hitting Jinh Yu Frey.

Hinshaw has lost 3 total, and Robb has lost 5 total. This is a perfect evenly balanced match-up for both as they’re looking to get back into the win column. Here’s where things get REAL interesting…

Both of these fighters LOVE to grapple, and while I’m sure both would love to seize an opportunity to knock one another out either by KO or TKO, they’re fights have ended in submissions, and this fight looks to be taken place on the ground.

Watch as Jayme Hinshaw hits a DEEP Guillotine (Choke) on Jasmine Rodriguez (Credit to ReactQ for The Upload)

Watch as Cassie Robb hits a deep Triangle (Choke) on Ali Kistler (Credit to MarioNonStop3 for The Upload)


It’s also important to note that while both have a good amount of experience, Hinshaw trains out of a very very well-rounded Fir NHB. She gets really good techniques to improve her game from such fighters as KOTC Stand-out Frank Baca (Actually a fan of too, he fought Mamoru Yamaguchi), Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means (always loved that nickname, lol), Krazy Horse Charles Bennett, and Amber “The Bully” Brown, just to name a few, so she gets AMAZING help from great fighters.


Some fighters move gyms, so some that I listed might no longer be affiliated with one another.


Back to the fight though, this fight is entertaining based off grappling alone! Will they have different gameplans since both are primarily grapplers? Will they try to keep it standing on their feet because of this? If not, we will see crazy grappling transitions from both

It’s important to note that if by any chance Robb is seen as an underdog, we could see the best from her because of it, and her finishes happen EARLY into Round 1, but so does Hinshaws. Both are NOT afraid to fight off their backs, so both have to be very cautious of one anothers submission attempts.

You can catch this fight free to my knowledge on KOTC’s Facebook Page! Those that don’t know, KOTC (King of the Cage) is doing great things for Atomweights and Strawweights by streaming free fights on their Facebook Page,so you can catch this scrap on their Facebook Page!

This is great for people like myself who have no access to MAVTV, and it’s a fanTASTIC move for KOTC AND Atomweights and Strawweights. More promotions NEED to do this for the fans.


This fight will be a must watch based on grappling alone, and it will be very interesting to see one another’s gameplans since both are dangerous grapplers. This puts one another back in the win column and gets them one step closer to fighting the winner of Bi Nguyen and Andy Nguyen!

The winner of this fight most likely faces the winner of Grace Cleveland and Kelly Vilarino to hold their spot against the winner of Bi Nguyen and Andy Nguyen.

Now is an AMAZING time to hope onto the ever-evolving Atomweight Division that has and is the most underrated division in the history of MMA that’s history extends alllll the way back to 2001.

I hope everyone enjoyed, and most of all, I hope I introduced fans to fighters to give support to :)!

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