Kola Shippentower feels Cyborg’s pain, reveals the Brazilian was the reason she got into MMA

Top 170lbs prospect Kola Shippentower has spoken out in support of Cris Cyborg. Yesterday it was revealed the Brazilian has been flagged by USADA for a potential doping violation. Cyborg revealed her failed drug test was not due to steroids but was due to a diuretic called spironolactone which was prescribed by her doctor.

Shippentower reveals Cyborg is her main inspiration for getting into MMA.

27 year old Kola Shippentower from Pendleton, Oregon is set to be part of a revolution for women’s MMA in 2017, as she battles to bring more attention to women in the higher weight divisions. She reveals ‘Cyborg’ was her main inspiration for getting into MMA.

Cristiane’s bout against Bayzler in 2008 was the very first women’s MMA fight I had ever seen. I was instantly mesmerized by her style. The aggressiveness. Although I didn’t start trying until 2010, I still kept up with Cyborg. With her training & her fights. I was impressed by how she was taking the sport by storm. She was literally walking through every female she fought“.

Shippentower is fully behind Cyborg taking the spironolactone which was prescribed by her doctor and doesn’t believe she should face a punishment.

“When she got popped for steroid use in 2012, I was frustrated but didn’t lose faith in her ability as a fighter or even a person. I like how she’s carried herself. As for the current situation, I feel her pain, no doubt. After my weight cut I didn’t go straight home to see my doctor. I’m glad she did”.

Cyborg has been criticised her whole career, with the likes of Dana White, Joe Rogan and Ronda Rousey calling her “Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels”, joking about her having a penis, calling her a “man“, referring to her as an “it” and saying she has “male genitalia“. Shippentower says she has had to face similar comments since starting MMA, and reveals she looks up to Cyborg on how to deal with these comments.

“In my own career I’ve had to overcome the rude comments from “haters”. I look like a dude, I must be butch. What kind of steroids am I

Cris “Cyborg” was recently flagged by USADA for a potential doping violation.

taking? Even though I didn’t reach the professional level, at the time, I looked up to Cyborg on how to deal with these comments. She stayed quiet, stayed humble”.

Shippentower reveals her way of getting over these comments was to keep training, she says she would someday like to train with Cris

I just continued to train. I stayed the course as well. She’s been a huge motivator for me. I’ve always wanted to fight like her, aggressive, animalistic yet methodical. I’d love to train with her someday“.

The welterweight fighter weighs in on the rivalry between Cyborg and Ronda Rousey. She believes Rousey has taken the feud to a personal level, and does not blame ‘Cyborg’ for wanting to drag the fight out.

“I want to see that fight happen. Rousey has taken it to a personal level and Cyborg has done an amazing job of focusing on the sport. I know she plans on dragging out her & Rousey’s fight, I don’t blame her. The more time she’s got to tear her up, the better. I hope she gets a chance at the belt. She deserves it. She’s worked hard. I watched her documentary on her last weight cut, 20lbs in a week. I was right there with her with my pro debut in Colorado. It’s tough, but she made it. It’s not something every person can do, but she did it. She’s an amazing person & an amazing athlete. I wish her nothing but the best in her career”.

Shippentower is currently expecting a child and plans to resume training April 2017. She has her sights set on putting the 170lbs division on the map. Click HERE to view a recent interview with the star.

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