Knee injury forced Alexa Grasso out of bout with Angela Hill; will not require surgery

Initially, Alexa Grasso pulling out of her UFC Fight Night Lincoln match with Angela Hill was chalked up to “undisclosed reasons.”

Now, Grasso has gone on social media to explained what happened. See her Instagram post below:

The reason is an LCL injury. The translation for her post is below:

“I’m sorry to tell you that I’m out of my fight in Nebraska next August 25th.
In a training I made a wrong exit and I have a LCL break. This pain prevents me from doing many activities to improve my camp quality. Fortunately I do not need surgery, some fibers are still attached and doctors say that with therapy and physical rehabilitation I will be fine again. I can do push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and all of the top gear so I’ll be doing these weeks. Thank you #SportMed Dr. Fco. Arroyo, Wilson Peregrina, Carlos Villanueva and Luis Lamadrid for always taking care of my health.
I am in a contact sport and they are accidents to which any athlete is exposed. I’ll be fine in a few weeks and I’ll train again to be ready.
I thank all those little people who took time to send me good vibes, I love them very much!”

While there is no exact timeframe given for her return, her indication of a “few weeks” would indicate that the injury may not be very serious. Luckily, Grasso’s knee will not require surgery.

We wish Alexa Grasso a speedy recovery.

Once she returns to fighting form, who would you like to see her fight?



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  1. 24 years old, and casually mentioning LCL falling off the bone, ay yi yi these MMA people are different from us civilians! hopefully she does all the right things in her recovery

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