Killastina Makihele plans to move down to lightweight, talks #CottonVSPatterson rivalry

Killastina “Killa” Makihele (3-2-0) the number 2 Welterweight+ in the world has announced plans to move down to the fast growing 155lbs division. The division has been gaining a lot of attention as of late with the introduction of the first ever Lightweight World Championship being announced. The number 2 lightweight in the

The “Killa” is ready to become a world champion

world “The #1 Headbusta” Jozette Cotton will take on the number 3 Sarah “Primal” Patterson to crown the first ever lightweight world champion, the bout will air live on PPV. Cotton hit headlines earlier this week after demanding more money and going on a foul mouthed rant at her upcoming opponent Sarah Patterson. Several of Cotton’s fellow lightweight competitors have spoken out, saying they deserve the title shot over Cotton, as well as revealing she has never made weight in her life.

Makihele plans to drop down to 155lbs and insert herself into the title picture. “Killa” told us her opinions on the drama in the division “I think everyone has a right to their own opinions but this is the fighting business. The more noise you make the more attention you get. I myself do not care about the drama. I just can’t wait to see this fight happen”. She also reveals how she thinks the fight will go down “I feel Cotton will win if she uses her striking and keeps away from Sarah because she likes to ground and pound”.

Killastina has finished all her wins in the first round.

Killastina reveals more about why she plans to move down to lightweight “It’s hard but a learning experience to gain weight and fight heavyweight, my timing was much slower but stronger. The more I drop back to my regular weight the more I feel comfortable fighting

Makihele’s two sole career losses in fact come to Cotton and Patterson. In January 2015 Cotton defeated Makihele via unanimous decision. In August of this year Patterson got the TKO/KO win over Makihele in round 2. Cotton and Patterson both previousy fought in the Welterweight+ divisions and they too moved down in weight. Patterson talks about her transition down to 155lbs in a recent interview, to date she is the only woman to ever finish the “Killa” in Pro-MMA competition.

Are you excited to see the Number 2 Welterweight+ in the world Makihele drop down to the Lightweight division? Who would you like to see her face? Let us know in the comments below.

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