Ketlen Vieira slams ‘disrespectful’ Holly Holm, throws shots at her: “Her record has chickenpox with all those red spots”

Ketlen Vieira is far from happy with the UFC for keeping Holly Holm above her in their official rankings list.

Vieira not happy with Holly Holm moving back to bantamweight to challenge for title.

The UFC currently has Holm listed as the number-one contender for Amanda Nunes’ bantamweight title, whilst Vieira sits at number-two. It has recently been rumored that Holm and Vieira could be set to fight for an interim bantamweight title if Nunes moves up to featherweight to challenge Cris Cyborg for the belt.

Vieira (10-0) believes Holm hasn’t earnt her ranking and has simply been gifted it by the UFC.

If I’m the No. 2 in the ranking that’s because of my work, not because the UFC kept me there like they did with Holly Holm. I have a lot of respect for Holly Holm, she was the champion. I respect every fighter, but you can’t simply move up and down in weight and leapfrog me. The only girl she’s beaten recently at bantamweight is Bethe Correia, who I have a lot of respect for as well, but she’s the No. 10 in the ranking. (Holm) had two losses, beats Bethe and stays at No. 1? That’s illogical. (Nunes’ team) say she’s (next because she’s) the No. 1, but it’s easy to stay at No. 1 beating the No. 10 and the UFC keeping you there.” she said.

Ultimately, Vieira believes it is ‘disrespectful’ that Holm is now choosing to move back to 135-pounds to challenge for the belt after competing at featherweight for three of her last four fights.

It looks like Holly Holm’s record has chickenpox with all those red spots. The UFC is really trying to benefit her. She goes up and down in weight, does whatever she wants, and every time she fights is a title fight now? She fought (Germaine) de Randamie, she fought Cyborg, and now she wants to come back to 135? That’s not fair to me and other bantamweights. It’s disrespectful.” Vieira said.

If you talk to someone who really understands about MMA, no doubt that I should be the No. 1 in the ranking. It’s funny that everyone goes down in the ranking, drops off, and they keep Holly there. She’s coming off a win over the No. 10 and stays at No. 1. Who has a longer winning streak at bantamweight than me? That’s unfair. The UFC ranking is unfair. I don’t know why they have a ranking if they don’t follow it.” she continued.

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Fight fans, do you agree with Vieira’s comments? Is Holm undeserving of her number-one ranking and potential shot at the bantamweight belt? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. “She goes up and down in weight, does whatever she wants…”
    I don’t think it was her her preference to ever fight at fw so that doesn’t equate to doing whatever she wants. She’s just very respectful and accommodating to her employer, and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. She’s very classy and a great example of what a martial artist should be.

    1. It’s hard to get a handle on what Holly wants. Prior to be offered the GDR fight for the 145 title, she indicated she was happy at 135. Upon being offered the fight, she said she was good at either weight. After winning 2 of her 3 fights at 145, she said she preferred fighting at 145 as she did not have to cut so much and felt stronger. Then in June, faced w/the prospect of fighting Amanda or Cris, she chimed in that she had unfinished business at 135. I think she wants to go where the most money is and who can blame her?

  2. To a large degree, I’m with Ketlen on this one, but not fully. To Noah’s question, should Holly be ranked #1 contender at 135?, the answer is a resounding no. As pointed out, Holly has fought 3 out of her last 4 fights at FW and has lost 2 out of her last 3 fights at BW. That sole victory was over #10 ranked Correia and featured 2 of the most boring rounds in WMMA. Rousey struck Correia in the 34 seconds of her fight as many times as Holly did in her first 10 minutes. If Correia didn’t clown around in the 3rd, who knows, we could have had 3 of the most boring rounds in WMMA.

    The UFC allows a fighter to be ranked in 2 divisions, so I don’t have a problem with Holly being ranked at BW, especially since they don’t rank FW’s. However, both undefeated Ketlen, who has victories over former title contenders Zingano and McMann, and Valentina, who has fought 3 out of last 4 fights at BW and has only lost to the title holder, and then by the slimmest of margins, should be ranked above Holly. Sure, Valentina’s immediate goal is the title at 125, but she has made it clear that she wants to challenge Nunes once more for the title, as Holly has stated she wants to challenge Cris once more. Holly did not show any interest in contesting Amanda for the title at 135 until this past June. Valentina has indicated her desire to do so ever since her last lost to Amanda last year. Yet Holly has been ranked #1 contender since Shevchenko’s loss to Nunes. I shouldn’t need to say that one of Holly’s 2 recent losses at BW was to Valentina.

    The UFC claims that the rankings are done by independent members of the sports media, but it is clear that they are hardly independent. Holly is a more marketable fighter and will rank in more $’s so that’s who gets ranked #1.

  3. I really want to see the Holly, Amanda fight but having said that she doesn’t deserve to be the #1 ranked fighter at #135 but maybe at #145…

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