Kayla Harrison plans to build her professional MMA record to 8-0 before Cris Cyborg fight

Kayla Harrison has admitted that she is keen to fight Cris Cyborg but first plans to build her professional record to 8-0 before seriously pushing for the bout.

Harrison plans to build record to 8-0 before Cris Cyborg fight.

Harrison (2-0) is set to compete in Professional Fighters League’s 155-pound women’s lightweight tournament in 2019. The 28-year-old is confident she will win all the tournament matches, which would make her record rise from 2-0 to 8-0. With this, Harrison believes the fight against Cyborg will be inevitable.

The greatest female fighter of all-time, Cris Cyborg — new, up-and-coming rising star, 8-0 — let’s meet,” Kayla said at the Buoniconti Fund’s 33rd Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner.

Let’s fight. Let’s see who’s really the best.

Harrison may be just two fights into her career, however the Olympic Gold Medallist has taken out two experienced veterans in those fights. This past June, she took out Brittney Elkin, a woman who is a BJJ specialist and owns a notable win over Bellator’s Gabrielle Holloway. Then this past August she took out Jozette Cotton, a woman who’s defeated some of the greats at 155-pounds and above, including capturing the DCS lightweight title in September 2017 after taking out number-four ranked Sarah Patterson.

The Olympian was receiving a huge amount of hype even prior to her professional MMA debut thanks to a successful Judo career which saw her win the 2010 World Championships, gold medals at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, and gold at the 2011 and 2015 Pan American Games. Many are tipping Harrison for superstardom, much like fellow Olympic Medalist and former training partner, Ronda Rousey. It seems as though Harrison is living up to the hype, and has already made her mark as queen of the women’s lightweight division in just her second fight.

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Fight fans, would you like to see Kayla Harrison someday take on Cris Cyborg? Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. If the PFL and Kayla limit the division to LW’s, I see only one strong possible contender, and I’m not even sure how viable she is. The undefeated Bobbi-Jo Dalziel is the only other woman besides Kayla to hold a victory over WMMA Ranking’s former #1 ranked LW, Jozette Cotton. Her strength is her striking, which is Kayla’s weakness and at 6′, this could prove problematic for Kayla. However, she has not fought in over 2 years so ring rust could be an issue, especially since I have no idea as to how much training she has done over that time, and if Kayla could tie her up or get her down, it would be all over.

    Given that Cyborg’s contract w/the UFC ends next year in March, wouldn’t it be a hoot if she signed up for the LW tournament? I doubt if PFL would allow it as I’m pretty sure they want to set up a champion vs. champion “super fight” after Kayla is proclaimed champ at LW. If Kayla actually goes through 6 fighters throughout the tournament (I have no idea where they plan to find their 12 contestants), she might actually give Cris a good fight, but at this point my money would still be on Cris.

  2. Hard to say, Cris is a beast and has scary powerful hands, but she can’t knock out her opponents and avoids grappling altogether as soon as she’s taken down or her opponent is down, which would put Kayla at a considerable advantage. Of course, experience counts and Cyborg would probably TKO her before going to the ground.

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